Basketball Betting Singapore

Basketball Betting In Singapore 2024

basketball betting singapore

Basketball is one of two sports that are popular in the US with the other one being American football. The highly dynamic team sport somehow has made its way into Asia and is being considered one of the lucrative sporting industries in the world that launched the careers of legends, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James.

Being a hugely prevalent sport, it is also a staple in most NBA betting Singapore sites in the country and Asia in general. 


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The Best Basketball Betting Singapore Sites Reviewed

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A brief history of Basketball

The origins of basketball date back to 1891 when James Naismith founded a team sport that could leave less injury than football. At that time, outdoor sports were less effective in winter, so Naismith created a sport that could be played indoors but still offered an authentic experience like football. The sport spread like wildfire even outside the Americas.

Basketball betting in Singapore

Singapore has stringent gambling laws that prevent players from participating in illegal gambling activities. As a result, Singapore established Singapore Pools to curb the further propagation of illegal gambling in the nation. SG Pools are mostly offering lottery and horserace betting but the state-owned organization is also offering basketball bets.

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Basketball leagues that you can wager on!

Basketball is a team sport that became a huge phenomenon all over the world. There are several basketball leagues existing where you can place your wager on.


nba betting singapore

The National Basketball Association is the most recognizable league in the sport of basketball. Even individuals who are not fans of basketball knew how successful this sporting league is all over the world.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

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The FIBA Basketball World Cup is the basketball counterpart of the quadrennial football tournament, the FIFA World Cup. Several nations are also vying for a bidding privilege to host the tournament. 


The EuroLeague is very similar to football's Champions League in the sense that basketball teams from various nations of Europe are playing in an annual competition to determine the most formidable basketball team in Europe. 

ASEAN Basketball League

Also known as the ABL, the ASEAN Basketball League is the counterpart of the NBA in Asia. The ABL is the progenitor of professional basketball leagues in Asia. The competition was founded in 2009 after it was suggested to be realized in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Pro-Am SBL

The Pro-Am SBL or Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League is a basketball league in Singapore that is being participated by both professional and amateur athletes. It was founded in 2014 and is participated by twelve clubs from all over Singapore.


The National Basketball League (NBL), is a professional basketball league that is participated by teams from Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Asia-Pacific. It is composed of ten teams with nine from Australia and 1 from New Zealand. 

The Top Betting Site wagering experience

Sports betting is both an exciting and controversial activity for a lot of amateur and professional sports enthusiasts. There are a lot of NBA betting Singapore options for punters once they create an account on the site.

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Wagering is also available to all types of sports—like horse racing, tennis, football, and especially basketball. Whatever sports event you are aiming to win over, there is always something for you on a NBA betting Singapore site.


The NBA is the most exciting basketball tournament in the world but it isn't the tournament that is available for punters. In fact, there are a lot of basketball leagues all year round for bettors to lay their bets on. There are a lot of bet options and promotions being offered across all sites for you. 



Is basketball betting legal in Singapore?

Sports betting has long been legal in Singapore and basketball is one of the major sports that many locals follow. As a matter of fact, the nation’s team is often making quite a splash in regional competitions. One of the main basketball leagues that Singaporeans are into includes the NBA and other Asian basketball leagues.

What are the best basketball betting sites in Singapore?

The best sports betting online Singapore sites not only offer a vast selection of basketball betting leagues but also offer a generous number of basketball betting offers to complement their wagers. By definition, Top Betting Site SG definitely fits this description.

Where can I bet on basketball online?

Top Betting Site SG is currently the ultimate basketball betting site in Singapore that one could think of. With a wide assortment of basketball tournaments both in the domestic and international scenes, punters who have an extreme love for basketball will have the freedom to suit their preferred online betting Singapore experience.