Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. In the game, two teams of five players fight on the map, trying to destroy the enemy base while protecting their own. As a game that combines fast pacing, a variety of characters, and strategic elements, Mobile Legends has become popular in Southeast Asian countries and some parts of the world.

This is why there is a growing demand for MLBB esports betting. The best online casino Singapore sites from TopBettingSiteSG allow you to bet on the outcomes of MLBB games. You can bet on anything, from which team you think will win to the first team that will destroy a tower, and even how many kills you think a specific player will get. With MLBB esports betting, fans add a new level of excitement to watching professional matches.

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About Mobile Legends Bang Bang 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's popularity emerged in Southeast Asia, but the game’s origins are in China. The company Moonton from Shanghai produced the game in 2016, naming it “Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA. As the producer faced legal issues from Riot Games, which is behind League of Legends, since the two games had similar gameplay, they rebranded the game as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at the end of 2017.

At first, it was challenging for MLBB to find its place in Southeast Asia. However, Indonesia and the Philippines have become the countries with the most passionate and devoted fans. First of all, it became clear that players enjoyed the combination of easy access to mobile platforms, quick matches, and typical MOBA elements (two teams battling over lanes to destroy the enemy base). 

Moreover, to further support the tournament scene, Moonton started organizing regional championships and then even the World Championship. Consequently, the number of players and fans who watched it began to rise substantially.

Today, Mobile Legends boasts more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone as one of the most successful projects in the MOBA genre and a popular esports discipline. Since its launch, the title has become one of the leaders in the mobile gaming industry, and it continues to improve by adding new heroes, modes, and events in order not to lose its audience.

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Betting on Mobile Legends 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has turned into a popular esport with a strong competitive scene. As with traditional sports, such popularity has created esports betting, which allows fans to place bets on the result of their favorite teams' performances. To that end, there are many betting markets in this game. 

The most common wager is betting on the match winner, but other popular wagers include betting on the first team to score a certain amount of kills or even guessing which team would draw the first blood. It is crucial to place your bets on just the most trusted online betting Singapore sites with a solid reputation.

Esports: MLBB Tournaments 

Mobile Legends has a large esports scene, and many players and teams are competing for the throne. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a huge esports scene with many players and teams competing. There are always tournaments in which pro teams get to prove their skills and fight for fame. 

 The game is incredibly popular, and tournaments often get a lot of participants hoping to make a name for themselves in the community. Here's a breakdown of the MLBB tournament structure:

  • Domestic Tournaments (Professional League): These tournaments are the breeding ground for future stars and regional dominance. In the center of MLBB Esports, Southeast Asia, each country or major region has its league. MPL is the biggest brand, with variations for many regional groups, such as MPL Indonesia, MPL Philippines, and MPL Malaysia. These all go through seasons with playoffs to determine the regional champion, who will later participate in international tournaments.
  • International Tournaments (Mid Season Cup): Regional champions can show their excellence not only at home but internationally. They are invited to international events, where regional winners compete against invitational teams from other MPLs. For example, at the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup and the One Esports MPL Invitational, these MLBB players have the opportunity to excel and rise through the world rankings.
  • World Championship (The M-Series): The most prestigious e-sports tournament in MLBB is, without question, the game’s official World Championship, shortened as M World or M-Series. It is an annual event that pits the world’s strongest teams against each other to determine the best of the best. 

This event focuses on the team consisting of the MPL champions and runners-up in each country. It is divided into a group stage of single round-robin matches followed by a double-elimination playoff bracket. The final match is a grand final and decides the MLBB World Champion, with the ultimate prize waiting for the winning team.

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Mobile Legends Betting: Tips and Strategies 

Betting on this sport is no exception, and with that comes a growing esports betting scene. If you're interested in Mobile Legends betting, here are some tips to consider:

  1. First and foremost, it is important to understand the game and the teams. Such factors as the current meta, hero win rate, popular lane strategies, hero picks, head-to-head matches, and the team's recent performance should be taken into account. Individual strengths and weaknesses of the players should be analyzed and assessed in terms of how they fit the play style.
  2. Second, do not stick to the most common bets. You do not necessarily need to predict the winner; in this regard, there are many different markets. For example, you could predict which team will draw first blood, be the first to destroy a tower, turtle, lord, or any other objective, or play on the total number of kills in the game. Depending on the pair of teams playing and the odds given by the bookmakers, these bets may be more profitable than others.
  3. Third, practice responsible betting. Set a budget and stick to it. Don't chase losses, and remember that betting should be for entertainment purposes, not a way to get rich quickly.
  4. Lastly, use the top online casino Singapore. Look for reputable and licensed sites with high levels of security. Such platforms provide high odds, a wide variety of bets, and secure payment options that make the betting process pleasant and safe.

Types of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Betting Markets 

Mobile Legends Esports betting offers a variety of markets to place wagers on. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Match Winner: The most common and simplest type of bet. It serves a simple purpose, namely, predicting which team will win the game.
  • Series Winner: In this market, it allows you to bet on the team that will win the series (like the best of 3, 5, or 7).
  • Series Score: If a match is played in a best-of series (like best-of-three or best-of-five), you can bet on the correct final score (e.g., 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2). Some platforms might also offer over/under bets on the total number of games played in the series.
  • First Blood: This market allows you to bet on which team will secure the first kill (first blood) of the game. 
  • Map Winner: Some matches were played on different maps. In this market, it allows you to bet on which team will win a specific map within the series. 
  • Tournament Winner: This market is similar to future bets; it allows you to bet on which team will win the entire tournament or be named the “champion” before it starts. 

Other Markets: 

  • Most Kills: This market allows you to bet on which team will have the most kills at the end of the match. Since the objective of the match is not about the number of kills but to destroy the enemy’s base. 
  • Total Kills (Over/Under): This market allows you to wager whether the total number of kills performed in a match (combined total for both teams) will be below or above a precise number determined by the bookmakers.
  • First Team to Take Down the Tower: This allows you to predict which team will take down the first enemy tower (by pushing “team objective”).
  • Hero Kills: This allows you to predict the total number of kills for a specific hero.
  • Hero Picks/Bans: Some sports betting sites offer this market on specific heroes being picked or banned during the match. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main objective of an MLBB game? 

The main objective in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is to destroy the enemy's base while strategically defending your own. To do that, you need to cooperate with your team, destroy your enemies’ turrets, kill them all, and take the Lord to push them toward your enemies’ base. However, this is not a game where you should focus on kills, as they are part of the whole process.

What are some popular types of bets in MLBB esports?

The most popular bet is the prediction of the match winner, but there are many other types of bets. You can also bet on the first team that will destroy a tower, the total number of kills, or even how many kills a specific player will get. 

Where can I bet on the MLBB tournament? 

Explore the online casino Singapore sites listed on TopBettingSiteSG! The sports betting hub recommends legitimate and licensed sites that provide safe conditions for users. They have the highest odds, accept bets on a variety of MLBB outcomes, and provide safe payment options.

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