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Online Sports Betting in Singapore

There are hundreds of sports disciplines available on the site to wager on. From major events to small-scale matches, satisfy your sports cravings on the platform. Place your bets now on the online sports betting Singapore site and earn huge profits. 

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Types of Sports that you can bet on!

Get into the action with a myriad of sports disciplines to bet on that are being offered on the site. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a novice in online betting in Singapore, there is a service that is suitable for your needs. 


It is no joke if we say that "soccer is king," but the sport has been dominating the world for decades now. The prevalence of soccer has transcended beyond the world of sports and even bleeds into entertainment and politics.

Whether you are a fan of the World Cup, Champions League, or Europa League the site got you covered. Other prominent European leagues like the La Liga and Serie A, were also taken into account. 

If you are a novice in sports betting, soccer is the most ideal sport to bet on. Not only the popularity of the Premier League is tremendous, but the sport also has huge markets available.


Basketball is not only limited to US punters, the NBA has been a worldwide phenomenon which is why the site also offers NBA betting and other basketball leagues. Shop for odds on this huge sport on the site and boost your sports betting game. Try applying Moneyline betting on this sport and win huge prizes. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing may be dubbed as the sport for kings but you don't have to be a royalty to enjoy betting on thoroughbred horses. To get started on sports betting, you need to check for odds on the site to fill you up. Whether you are hitting trifecta or bet to win, we got odds for you.


Highly considered the best sport to bet on, tennis is a niche market but promises good wins. If you choose to bet on tennis we recommend that you start on Moneyline betting because it is the easiest odds to bet on. You will find more profitable tennis markets on the site.


Place your bet on the world champions in the UFC, we got advantageous odds on both the main events and undercard matches. We suggest that you list down the upcoming matches and compare them to get the best odds. Cultivating your skills in comparing odds is essential in sports betting.


From MLB to NHL, the site got all the market for you baseball fans! Get in the core of the game with live betting features to maximize your stakes. Before you place your wager on baseball, we suggest that you look at the fixtures of the MLB or the AL to see the overview of the season. You can also list down your favorite teams and the underdogs to get you started.

Table Tennis

This straightforward sport is your best bet if you are into intense action with precise movements. To boost your table tennis betting, we recommend that you place your bet on a futures bet. This will provide you with more edge ahead of the season. 


The cricket betting market is now getting more attention than ever. It is a sport filled with passionate players and fans. One of the best ways to wager on cricket is to place your bet on scores. Before you place your wager, you should also know the positions in the game. 

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the team sports that you can wager on if you are into fast-paced action. Being a unique sport, it is not easy to get started on ice hockey betting because of the complex nature of the sport. We recommend that you start with outright bets on league tournaments. 


One of the Commonwealth sports, rugby is as intense as American football but is less physical. To get ahead of the betting game, it is wise to study the leagues available for rugby. Also, skip the favorite teams to maximize your bets. 

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Snooker is a cue ball sport that is hugely popular in India and it is one of the markets available on the platform. To get started in snooker betting, we recommend that you choose from one of the "Big Three" championship leagues. Also, keep in mind the most basic bets in snooker.

American Football

The NFL is more than just a sport but a global entertainment spectacle with its Super Bowl event that is filled with stellar performances. Being a hugely popular sport, the market in NFL betting is sometimes filled with intense competition. The most popular type of bet in NFL betting is point spread, so we recommend that you utilize this type in your betting also.


Volleyball is a dynamic sport that is perfect for both sexes. Volleyball betting is also one of the services that the site is being offered. Volleyball has a huge market in both the men's and women's leagues, so we suggest that you take this opportunity to maximize your wagers. A lot of experts would also recommend that you use match betting in volleyball but we suggest that you deviate from this. 


The site has no shortage of boxing events available for you, you can check the list of main events on the platform. Breaking even in boxing bets is sometimes impossible at the start but as soon as you could master the progression of the matches it would become easier. Try to place your bets on favorites first then transition to underdogs. 

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a sport that is both a form of exercise and martial art that has a global appeal. Before you get started in Muay Thai betting, you should always keep in mind that before it became a westernized sport, it became popular in Southeast Asia. The Thai market is different from its western counterparts so always check that first.


Put the pedal to the metal with this adrenaline-pumping sport that you can place your bet on. Markets like Formula 1 solely focus on scores and the finishing positions of the players. We suggest that you check the leaderboards from the previous seasons.

Aussie Rules Football

Venture into the sport from the Land Down Under on the platform and win huge profits with a handicap wager. Being a volatile version of football, Australian football is more compatible with Moneyline betting. Before you place a wager, study first the basics of Moneyline betting.


Cycling is an interesting sport with its fast-paced action and exciting events, check the selections available for you on the site. Being a least-known sport, you will rarely get competition in this sport so feel free to wager on any races that you like. Although, we suggest that you stick with minimum bets.


Darts is a sport that allows players to formulate strategies and direct approaches. Darts is a niche sport so a simple type of bet would always be a wise choice. Outright betting is a highly recommended strategy because it allows you to wager on who will win the match. 


Golf tournaments are one of the easiest sports to bet on because all you have to do is to guess who will win the tournament. The odds work on golf similar to other sports but have a few differences. Matchup betting is the simplest bet on golf because you only guess who will win the match.


One of the most profitable sports to bet on, handball has a huge market. While not as popular as other team sports, handball is perfect for newbies. Handball betting allows you to wager using the over/under format. We recommend this type of wager as a starting point for your handball gambling. 


Special bets are also available on the site, with several upcoming world events to wager on like the Oscars or the US elections, you can bet in advance. As a new punter, we recommend that you use proposition betting when betting on special events. This is the most compatible type of wager for this market.

Water Polo

Water polo is one of the popular water sports that the site is offering that has a huge niche market. Just like other niche team sports, handicap betting is the best way to get started in water polo betting. You can easily shop and compare odds on the site under this sports discipline.  

Winter Sports

Winter sports is an umbrella term for several sports that utilize the cold climate, from skiing to snowboarding, the platform got you covered. Before you place a bet, we suggest that you combine futures betting with outright betting in winter sports due to the dependence of the sport on a specific climate. You can also bundle them into a single parlay bet to maximize your wins. 

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