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Volleyball is one of the most highly adaptable sports in the world because it can be enjoyed by both men and women. Bettors will revel in the variety of volleyball tournaments across all locations all over the world. 

In this short betting guide, we will provide you with a rundown on how to maximize your wager in volleyball betting plus the necessary strategies you can use to boost your odds of winning at online betting Singapore sites.

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Top 20 Volleyball Betting Sites in Singapore 2024



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A brief history of volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular team sports in the world but is less aggressive than football and basketball. Volleyball players often play on a rectilinear court that can be both an indoor or outdoor space. In a volleyball court, the playing space is often divided by a net. 

To play volleyball, players have to use their hands to hit the ball on their opponent's side. In a normal volleyball game, the ball is tossed to and fro and according to the rules, the ball must not touch the ground or the game is finished. 


Types of bets on volleyball

Like any known sport in the world, there are specific types of wagers that are best to use in volleyball competitions. Here are the available bet forms that you can palace your wager on in volleyball wagering at the online betting Singapore site.

Match bets

Match bets are the most popular bet types in volleyball and are known as the easiest to pull off. When it comes to match betting, the winner has to predict the winner of a certain match and place your bet on. You can choose between the home or away side.

Set bets

Set betting is a type of wager that is mostly being applied to the game of indoor volleyball. Bettors are encouraged to palace their wager on the winner of a specific set instead of the whole match. This type of wager is perfect for bettors who are not sure about which squad they think will win the competition.

Tournament bets

Finally, outright betting is a type of wager where you can guess the overall winner of the tournament. While the aforementioned bets are focusing on a specific match, the tournament bets cover the whole event.

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Strategies to win at volleyball betting

Sports betting is not like casino games where you can surrender your hopes to the inevitability of luck, you have to employ certain strategies to develop your way of betting which could lead to profitable rewards at online betting Singapore platforms.

Know the sport

This tip applies to all types of sports, and it is essential that players know the sport they are betting on like the back of their hand. Most bettors commit the mistake of diving right in on their bets without thinking about the consequences of their actions. 

Shop the best odds

One of the effective methods to improve your odds of winning is to seek the most advantageous odds possible. You can do this by visiting the sports betting portal to shop all of the odds across the sites.

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Organize your bankroll

The most important tip that you can get on sports betting is about managing your bankroll. Avoid spending all of the contents of your bankroll by setting a betting limit on your wagers every time you bet on your betting sessions.


Volleyball is the most flexible sport there is because it is perfect for both men and women. It is also less aggressive compared to football and basketball. Remember the tips and strategies that we imparted to you on this short guide and apply them to your betting sessions. Boost your odds of winning by creating an account on the online sportsbook Singapore platform.

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