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In choosing a good bookie, there are qualities that you must consider. You must know that not all bookmakers are credible and safe enough to bet on. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be scammed. Yes, there are dummy sites that use the names of other bookies just so they can do their dark desires. There are a lot of reports and incidents that a player lost a huge amount and was not able to get it back.

This write-up will help you avoid that. We will show you the qualities that make an online casino worthy.

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Qualities of a good bookie

  • Secured – This is the most important quality that you must look at a bookie. Top-quality bookies have security software that they used in order to protect their players. The information that they send is very crucial because if the site is not secured, bad guys can hack into the site’s system and use your information in wrongdoings. Your name will be jeopardized. You can get to jail just because your information is not secured.

Take a look at Dafabet and Solarbet for example, They have security software that minimizes risks for their players, top quality for a good bookie.

  • License – This the second thing that you must take into consideration. Every top bookmaker has a license. It is a sign of credibility and security. In the law, you cannot operate an online casino if you don’t have a license, same with land-based casinos. If you see a casino that doesn’t show their license on their site, that’s a red flag. There is a great possibility that you will lose money if you register and deposit money on their site.
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But how would you know if the license of the casino is legit or not? One way to look is to go to the page of the licensing and body. There is a list of their accredited bookies. If you can’t find the name of the site, their license is just a show-off.

  • Contact platforms – Although this is not much of a red flag. However, A bookie that doesn’t have enough contact platforms is not that much of a quality bookmaker. The reason why is that, if you have a problem that needs to be addressed at once and the bookie doesn’t have the platforms that you use, it will take a while before your concern will be taken care of.

The important platform of a bookie that must be available for the players is the live chat. This is the fastest way to raise your concern. Usually, the customer service representative replies on the spot or if not it will just take minutes. Unlike in traditional ways like email and post which will take days before it will be addressed. Still, having this feature is still helpful.

  • Banking – This is another quality in which you will have to take note of. Banking methods and the banks that the bookie use have to be a trusted banking company. If you see that their bank is not something that you have heard of, take time to look for the bank and see if it is trusted. You can look for it online. Most banks have online banking now.

If they have minimal banking methods, it will only be a burden to you. You can’t just deposit and withdraw money anytime you like. If you want to look at the bank’s banking methods it is usually available in their faq’s section or in their terms and conditions. You can also ask them through live chat.

  • Providers – Having top quality providers is a sign that a bookmaker is great. Great providers mean great games and great games mean an extraordinary experience. There are providers who are always on maintenance and this is one thing that you must consider if your mission is to land in a top bookie.
  • Promotions – Promotions are the reason that makes every bookie unique from each other. A bookie without bonuses and promotions is selfish. This is a bookie’s way of giving back something to their players.
  • Freebies – Another quality factor in which a good bookie can be ranked great is their freebies. Free slot games and free spins are a good deal because you can try games before you place your bet. You can have assurance which not all bookies can give you.

Stop taking risks

Many gamblers only consider the bonuses and promotions of a bookie because they just want to earn money. What they don’t know is that they are putting themselves at great risk of losing huge amounts of money. Not all online betting sites and online sports betting platforms are credible. As mentioned, there are potential sites that will steal money from you. Take time to consider the qualities of a good bookmaker.

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