Football Rules and Regulations

Football, also known as Soccer in some parts of the world, is arguably one of the oldest sports on the planet. One can recognize the sport by simply having a look at the massive field that the game is known for.

Football, also known as Soccer in some parts of the world, is arguably one of the oldest sports on the planet. One can recognize the sport by simply having a look at the massive field that the game is known for.

Its massive series of leagues and championships make the sport an even more popular form of entertainment to sports enthusiasts as well as people who are fond of sports betting. Today, if you are eager to learn more about football, here’s a perfect article that should help you get started.

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The main objective of the game

The main goal of the game is pretty much straightforward. As with many other sports that you can find on online betting sites, your main objective is to score more points (or in this game’s case, called goals) than your opponent. The whole match will have a total of 90 minutes of playtime.

The football game is split up into two games, giving each half 45 minutes of playing time frame. In between these two halves, both teams will take a 15-minute rest called half-time. Additional time-offs may be called by the referee such as injury time if deemed necessary.

In many betting sites, players are normally given all these pieces of information before and during the match. That said, there’s no need to worry about having to always keep track of everything on your own.

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The players

Every football team should have a total of 11 players. The team is made up of ten outfield players, of which with varied roles to fulfill, and a single goalkeeper. In some online sports betting sites, you get to bet on specific players. Let’s talk about the field players first.

The main outfield players consist of the following:

Defenders – Their main role is to prevent the opposing team from getting near the goal area. As such, they are positioned right in front of the goalkeeper.

Outside fullback – They are the players situated on either left or right sides. They don’t normally move from their positions as they aim to ensure that the ball doesn’t pass their line of sight.

Central defenders – As their name implies, they are positioned at the center of the playing field to ensure defense against the opposing team.

Midfielders – They are often referred to as the link between the attackers and the defenders. They are the people that should have the most endurance as they would need to be running back and forth off the field the entire time. They should be able to make a push and defend simultaneously.

Forwards – Their main role is to score goals and help the team create a way to score goals.

Center forward – Also known as strikers, they are the team’s strong players when it comes to scoring a goal.


Of course, one of the first pieces of “equipment” you can think of is the playing field itself. The pitch dimension may actually vary depending on the playing ground. But in most cases, the field should be 100 to 130 yards long and 75 to 100 yards wide of an area.

For each end of the playing field, you’ll find a 6-yard box and the goal post or net. Lastly, the game isn’t complete without the ball, of course. The players’ attire consists of mostly boots, pads, and strips, and the goalkeepers have to wear additional padded gloves for ball handling.

Scoring and winning the game

For a team to get a score, they need to reach the opponent’s goal, the other end of the playing field. The whole ball has to reach beyond the line for it to count as a legitimate live score or goal. Players are only allowed to make use of any part of their body except for the hands (or anything arm up to the shoulder).

As mentioned, the winning team is the football team with the most score at the end of the match time. The game can also end in a draw. You don’t even have to look harder as SG88win is a website that has tons of football leagues that can help you understand how a game of football works.

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