Interesting Facts About Sports Betting

What’s the appeal of sports betting?

Gambling, while mostly perceived by a lot of people as a pastime enjoyed only by older players, is an entertaining hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. Perhaps one of the main reasons why this isn’t widely the case is because of the prohibitions regarding the legal age. Another could just be because of the money involved and its negative effects, especially for the minority.

In any case, gambling is all about having a good time. Sports betting in particular, is one of the most popular forms of gambling. Sports itself has a huge following and is a major form of entertainment that everyone loves. Regardless of which sports you are into, chances are, there is an available sportsbook where you can place your bet on and enjoy.

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The best bookmakers have been around for many years already. They are utilizing the modernization of sports betting by taking all your favorite sports online! While the concept of online betting sites isn’t completely new, it remains to be a stable and convenient way to enjoy gambling at the comfort of your home. There are lots of betting sites where you can watch football online, as well as sports like basketball, tennis, golf, and even horse racing.

Sports betting by the numbers

Let’s start things off with an impressive number of the world’s largest sportsbooks in the world. A lot of gambling destinations like Singapore is home to the most luxurious casinos and Singapore betting sites, no other sporting hub is bigger than the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. It has more than 30,000 square feet space, state-of-the-art 4K wall-to-wall widescreens, and a whopping 350 seats.

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Dialing a few numbers back, it is a lesser-known fact that most Americans have gambled at least once in their entire lives. With people from the US starting to allow sports gambling, more and more people have at least tried gambling once. Sports betting is among the forms of gambling that 85% of Americans have admitted to trying.


While the answer to this question subjectively varies depending on where you are from, soccer is the biggest sport around the world. The world cup finals of this sport are watched with an estimated number of 600 million people worldwide.

Well if you are from someone in the United States, you’d probably answer Football. If that’s the case then you are right! Not only is it the most popular, but it’s also the sport that Americans bet on the most. On average, 36% of all sports bets a year are from NFL and other football leagues. This number shouldn’t be that impressive since a lot of people love to watch football online.

Basketball is sitting just behind football, which is leading just above baseball.

How frequently do people gamble on sports?

As mentioned beforehand, people like the Americans have admitted to gambling at least once in their entire lives. This figure alone tells you how pretty much people from around the world are often fond of gambling. Half of the majority admitted that they gamble at least once a year, 30% gamble at least once a month, and 15% gamble at least once a week.

If we are to talk exclusively about sports betting, bookmakers and online betting sites make the most money every month of September all thanks to football. The NFL and other football leagues like college football games are what keeps bookmakers and betting sites on a spree.

Are sports betting profitable?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes and it’s not just for the online sports betting sites, but also the players. You’d be shocked to know how single games alone can generate billions of dollars for bookmakers and online betting sites.

The cream of the crop here is none other than The Super Bowl where it once generated an estimation of over $6 billion in just a 60-minute long football game. According to the American Gaming Association or AGA, around 22.7 million people have shown interest in placing a bet on the Super Bowl. This is great news for all the football betting sites, new bookmakers, and including the major ones.

But how about the players? In general, gambling can be a complete life-changer. The concept of building a career out of sports betting may come to you as an odd one, but it exists. Similar to how sports players have celebrities with an established reputation of being a professional, pro players in gambling have spent years of experience to make a living out of sports betting.

The future of sports betting

The inevitable future of sports betting is sure to be bright. Online sports betting and online casinos in general all prove to be a success and it’s only a matter of time before we witness a whole new innovative experience.

One innovation that old and new bookmakers are experimenting with is the idea of AR and VR. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are among the latest pieces of technology that are mostly associated with video games. This creates a wild take on immersive entertainment. Live betting is already a thing and it would work well along with this modern technology.

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