The Top 10 Football Teams in London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, it is no wonder why the city is also home to the many football clubs. There is also a long-time rivalry going on with the clubs to compete for dominance in the city.

London has 12 football clubs dispersed within the city plus some small clubs in the lower division. The city is also home to successful clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur that are popular in sg88win. Fulham is considered the oldest football club in London while Arsenal is known as the first club that became professional. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea is the first club in the city of London to claim the trophy for UEFA in 2012. Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand became the first football club in the UK to win an international award in 1963.  

Some of these clubs have a long history and have won many titles. Some even have a bad reputation for having their fans participate in football hooliganism.

Let’s dive into the football teams in London that are vying for local dominance.

Charlton Athletic

The club is currently playing in the third tier tournament in EFL League One. They have a long standing rivalry with Millwall and Crystal Palace. Their supporters were known as “The Addicks”, and they are known for its correlation with pop culture and online sports betting.

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Brentford, also known as “The Bees”, are currently a part of the second tier of London clubs. The club had most successes in the 90s and even won in the League championships. 


Millwall’s is also known as “The Lions” and its home ground is known as “The Den”. The club’s fan base is notoriously known for their hooligan activities with chants like, “No one likes us, we don’t care”. Their hooliganism was sometimes depicted in films for their notoriety.


QPR still has a strong reputation even though not part of the top tier in bbc football clubs and football betting. They have a long-standing rivalry with West London clubs like Chelsea and Brentford.


Fulham is the oldest club in London, spanning a history of 150 years since 1879. Even though not part of the top-tier football clubs, they can still manage to astonish and still be a staple in the Premier League. 

Crystal Palace

One of the London clubs with a solid local fan base and two support clubs. The Eagles have subsequent wins in the 90s including the FA Cup Final in the 1990s. 

West Ham United

West Ham United is known for its bad reputation in association football. Even though they enjoy success, their rivalry with Millwall is one of the fiercest in the football ecosystem. Their behavior on the field can cause an uproar from fans who sometimes commit hooliganism.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is a football club in North London known as the third most celebrated club in London. The club has a long rich history dated back to 1882. Today, they have a continued rivalry with Arsenal and have a massive fan base all over the world.


The Blues of West London has long been tagged as the most-followed London-based team on social media. The club is also known as the only London-based club that won the prestigious Champions League.


Arsenal is considered the best football club that is based in London. Also known as “The Gunners”, they were originally from the South. Under Herbert Chapman, the victory in the 1930s cemented the reputation of Arsenal with its three Premier League titles. Despite being missing in action lately, they are still a formidable presence on the field and popular among football betting sites.

London will always be the home for some of the best football clubs in Europe. Even though we only recognize three of them, let’s hope for the best that the others will rise in their own way in the future.

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