Things Casino Dealers Wish They Could Say to Annoying Gamblers

The relationship between the gambler and the dealer is sometimes complicated. If dealers do not exist, the gamblers will not be able to play their favorite game. On the other hand, if gamblers cease to exist, there will be no online casino jobs for them.

Even if both depend on the existence of the other, both seem to forget the importance of each one. It’s easy for the gamblers to dismiss the dealers for a variety of invalid reasons but this is not the case with the dealer.

The dealer’s response to affliction might seem appropriate for a variety of reasons. From dealing with unruly customers, trying to shield themselves from accusations to answering annoying inquiries for the 100th time, the job of a dealer isn’t glamorous.

Even if they are right most of the time, they can’t just spurt forth a witty comeback. If they are given a chance, these are probably the things that they will say to put the annoying gamblers in their place.

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“The Book Isn’t Complex, Look It Up Yo”

One of the wisest decisions a newbie gambler can do is to ask for a dealer’s assistance or tips.

Some games in casino royale might appear to be more complicated than others, luckily the dealers are there to the rescue. However, dealers are humans too and they can grow tired of being asked the same question, “What does the book say?”

In the following case, “the book” is an unwritten rule of basic strategies on playing free casino games like blackjack in particular. However, being questioned over and over again about this stuff, if given a chance a dealer might ignore that annoying person.

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“Don’t Smoke at the Table Dude”

We all know that there are a  number of casino gamblers who like to smoke while gambling. This is one of the inconveniences that are part of the dealer’s job, and some don’t have control over these situations as most of the casinos permit indoor smoking. 

“No Tip Today, Huh?”

Dealers may be compensated with a decent hourly amount, however, we all know that they mostly rely on tips.

Some tip the dealers after each win and some wait after the end of the session. The amount of the tip, as well as the appropriate time to give them, is based on unwritten etiquette and depends from person to person.

Some gamblers even forget to tip the dealer when they win a large amount of money even if they work hard. So next time when you play at a casino make sure to hand your dealer a decent tip, we all know they deserve it. 

“I’m Not Cheating. Duh.”

One of the known misconceptions about gambling is that dealers can influence the outcome of the game, however, this is not true.

Dealers do not decide who will win and who will lose as we all know most of the games are based on chance. However, some gamblers couldn’t stop accusing the dealer of rigging the free slot games.

This is one of the unfortunate situations a dealer has to deal with as part of their job. The dealers have to deal with these belligerent players professionally even if internally they want to punch them in the face. 

“I Can’t Wait to Get Out of This Shift”

Admit it yourself, we tend to idealize the life of the casino gamblers. We tend to think that their job is glamorous: dealing with awesome table games, being surrounded by rich people, working at a luxurious place, who wouldn’t want that?

But if you stayed in Las Vegas long enough, you will realize that it is just an ordinary place like anything else. Like any kind of workplace, at the end of their shift, most dealers couldn’t wait to get away as possible.

The job of a dealer is challenging, so make sure to give a tip to your deserving dealer the next time you attend a casino. Sg88win is one of the reputable casinos out there, make sure to look it up.

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