Using Math to Beat the Dealer: Strategies for Blackjack Success

The main beauty of blackjack is not only in its dynamics and high speed but also in the significant opportunities for strategies, tactics, and interest.

The main beauty of blackjack is not only in its dynamics and high speed but also in the significant opportunities for strategies, tactics, and interest. In this article, we will talk about mathematical aspects and results in a blackjack game, highlighting the secrets that excellent players use to make their smart moves.

It can help all blackjack players improve their skills and become royal masters of this great gambling game.

In the mathematical guide below, we outline our best suggestions for blackjack improvement. Learning to play blackjack is not easy and requires time and effort to become a real master. Some online casino Singapore sites offer free play to hone your skills and develop your strategy for playing blackjack.

The Mathematics Behind Blackjack 

This game relies heavily on mathematical strategy, even for beginners. While movies often depict card counting for big wins, the basic strategy, which is entirely different, is crucial for success.

Let us tell you all the different strategies to try when playing blackjack. 

In each round, players have choices: they can hit (get another card), stand (stay put), double down (increase their bet), or split (create two hands from a pair).

There are many games where all the decisions are made depending on luck; however, blackjack is not by any means one of those games. When the basic perfect strategy is used in blackjack, you can increase your odds of winning, but they are by no means substantial, and the house will always have a little bit of an advantage. However, you will completely enjoy playing blackjack at the top online casino Singapore sites learning a bit of the basic strategy.

Payout Ratio Matters: 3:2 Blackjack vs. 6:5 Blackjack

Some blackjack variations and their payoffs are very confusing to new players. Even for aspiring professional players, some games are multi-deck, others are single-deck, and even the payoffs are different at different tables. But for beginners like you, you should not have to worry too much about any of these. 

Here’s the key takeaway: a 3:2 payout for blackjack is better for the player, while a 6–5 payout increases the house edge. This means that even multi-deck games with more chances for favorable cards can be disadvantageous if the payout is lower. 

Since you are a beginner, you should memorize the basic strategy chart first. This will help you understand how to customize your playing strategy to any variations of the rules and other specifics of the game. After you are done with your chart, you will understand the math of blackjack that underlies any strategies. 

Understanding the Probability: Memorize the Blackjack Chart 

The start of the game takes place after the dealer deals two cards face-up for each player and takes one face-down and one for himself face-up. Here is where the strategy begins. If we have memorized the basic strategy chart, we can compare these first two cards with the dealer’s one face-up card and make an appropriate move. The chart is based on blackjack probability, as it is a set of mathematical calculations that predict the most probable options that we can get from the first dealt card.

In other words, we can calculate and determine the likelihood of getting close to or under 21 with your hand or going bust (going over 21). 

In the basic strategy chart, the pair of aces is split, and two 10s should remain the same. This is because the card already has a value close to or equal to 21, thus having a great possibility of winning. 

Also, if the player has an ace, it can be practically anything, so they have to double down. So, it can be concluded that everything in this chart is about blackjack probability and mathematically determined results. If a player follows the strategy chart, he will have a higher probability of winning.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting is a term that comes up a lot on blackjack strategy forums, and much of its public memory in the popular conscience is due to its portrayal in movies and TV shows. However, while it is a legitimate way to engage with blackjack, many wonder if it’s illegal. The answer is that card counting isn’t, but if you’re using any device or program to assist you with the technique, it’s considered cheating. 

Similarly, any form of teamwork or deception with other participants might lead to legal troubles. That is the case even when it is ultimately the casino that is telling you to get lost. Being banned from a casino and attempting to re-enter it can even lead to legal consequences.


Blackjack is a game where luck is somewhat important, but so is making the right decision. While mastering the game is a matter of practice, basic strategy can help beginners greatly increase their odds. 

The easiest way is to follow a chart with the mathematics-based play depending on your two cards and the dealer’s up card. By following it, you would maximize your probability of winning.

Even though the house will always have an edge, you will be making the right decision based on mathematics. Also, remember not to rely on luck if you are interested in optimal strategy; the fewer assumptions you make, the better you perform. 

It is also important to do that before considering advanced techniques, for example, card counting, which is legal but may get you banned from a casino if you get caught.

Start winning at blackjack at Singapore’s best online casino sites by applying the math you’ve learned here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does card counting help me improve my blackjack game? 

Card counting is a strategy that you can use to gain an advantage in blackjack, as it allows you to keep track of high and low cards played. With more high cards left in the deck, the odds will be in your favor. Therefore, you can be more liberal with your bets when the count is high and more cautious when it’s low. However, it does require practice and is not infallible, since the casinos also have measures to combat card counting.

How does blackjack mathematics work?

The key elements of blackjack mathematics are calculations of probability. Taking into consideration that each of the cards in the game has a certain value and that aces can be counted as 1 or 11, it is possible to assess the chances of getting a good hand, the blackjack 21, going bust, or the dealer going bust. If their hand is not enough to win, the players can either require another card from the dealer by hitting, going to, or standing. 

They can also double down and take one more card, increasing their bet double or split—distribute their pair of two cards and play with two separate hands. Thus, probability serves as the tool with which players can get the winning hand and gain some advantage over casinos.

Is there a blackjack strategy that promises a win? 

There is no real guarantee for victory in every hand of blackjack. However, when you need to enhance gameplay, you may rely on strategies based on probabilities. Probabilities are crucial to any game of luck, including blackjack. Without chance, blackjack would not be a game of luck. Still, by mastering strategy, you may improve the odds, thus growing into a professional blackjack player.

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