What Is the Best Option for Football Betting?

Due to the huge popularity of the sport, most sportsbooks offer various types of football betting odds. Today we will discuss the different types of football betting odds as well as the best ones.

Football is such a huge betting market, it is highly considered the best sport to bet on because it has a lot of fan base, and the quality of the industry is above par.

Due to the huge popularity of the sport, most sportsbooks offer various types of football betting odds. Today we will discuss the different types of football betting odds as well as the best ones.

What are the most profitable football bets?

In football betting, there are various types of betting odds available for you as a punter. Here are the most common ones:

Match Bet

The most straightforward type of bet in football is the match bet. In this type, all you have to do is to guess which team will win the match. One of the advantages of Match betting is that even the new punters could easily understand the concept of Match bets. 

Over/Under Bet

Unlike the Match bets, Over/Under bets deal with the scores accumulated by both teams. Usually, the bookmaker will set a value that will serve as the basis for both the over and under bets. 

Prop Bet 

Prop bets are highly considered the most dynamic form of bets that are being offered by the Singapore online betting site. This type of bet covers a wide array of subjects such as the team that will have the most injuries, the overall goal-scorer, and penalties, among others. 

Futures Bet 

Futures betting is a form of betting that allows players to include other types of bets. The betting type deals with placing a wager on a tournament in advance. One of the subjects that are available for betting on futures is the overall winner of the tournament. 

Parlay Bet

A parlay bet allows bettors to place multiple bets and bundle them into a single wager. On paper, the parlay bet was supposed to provide the punters with huge rewards. However, it is too risky as you need to win all of the bets that are placed on your parlay.

What is the safest football bet?

Now that you know the different types of football bets, it is now time for you to know which one is the safest of them all. 

As we mentioned above, the Match bet is the easiest type of football bet because all you need to do is to predict which one is the winner. However, Match betting is also the safest form of bet in football betting. Match bets provide less risk in your betting because you are only betting on the overall winner of the match, nothing more, and nothing less. 

Aside from Match betting, another safe football bet is the Double Chance. This type of bet allows you to place a wager on two possible outcomes. You can either place a wager on a home win or an away win, although; if the team loses, you lose as well.

If you are still a newcomer to football betting, the types of bets that are safe and less risky could be your go-to bet on the Singapore online betting site. It is important that you use Match betting in the first few sessions of your betting to provide you with more leverage over the sportsbook.


Football betting is probably the most complex form of sports gambling, this is why it is considered as overwhelming to new bettors. However, by knowing the different concepts in football gambling, you will be able to maximize your bets in football matches. We hope that this little guide answered all of your questions about football betting.

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