A Guide to Roulette Odds and Payouts

You will be able to properly select the finest bets after you understand how to calculate the odds of your wagers. Discover all of this and a lot more in the educational article.

Roulette is a game that relies solely on chance, but it’s important to be familiar with and grasp the rules before you turn the casino’s roulette wheel. You must abide by some basic rules if you want to get the most value out of your game and maximize how likely you are to succeed.

When you read the contents of this guide, you’ll quickly feel like an expert. Understand the odds and payouts of roulette, along with the distinctions among the various roulette variations.

You will be able to properly select the finest bets after you understand how to calculate the odds of your wagers. Discover all of this and a lot more in the educational article.

Bets and Payouts on Roulette

Understanding and becoming familiar with the odds and payouts in roulette is made simpler when you have an understanding of the various bets that you can place. The possible chances for each sort of bet in roulette are in the ratio x:1.

In simple terms, it implies that for every dollar put down, you will win x. If you place a single-number bet and win, you will receive 35:1 odds in addition to the original wager of $1.

You may better understand all of the payouts, bets, and odds by using the table below.

 BetOdds in American RouletteOdds in European Roulette Payout
Top Line13.5%13.5%6:1
Six Line16.2%16.2%5:1
Lows (1-18)/ Highs (19-36)47.37%48.65%1:1

Getting Acquainted With Roulette Bets

We advise those new to the game to become acquainted with the various roulette bet types before diving right into the game’s odds and payouts. Inside bets and outer bets are the two main divisions of roulette betting.

These bets are applicable no matter which roulette game you are engaged in, regardless of which game you are playing at an actual casino or among the best online casino Singapore.

Outside Bets 

These bets span a larger range of numbers. Red, black, odd, and even are the three most popular outside bets. Since they span more of the surface of the table, these are ideal for novices. They additionally provide a greater possibility of winning, but their return is less.

Inside Bets 

On the roulette table, these bets are located in the middle. On particular numbers or number combinations, inside bets are made. Since there is a considerably lesser likelihood of succeeding, inside bets entail greater risk and offer a larger return when you do.

What Are the Odds in a Game of Roulette?

Let’s talk in further detail regarding roulette odds after you have seen the various bet kinds, payouts, and odds for each of them. What precisely are the odds in roulette?

The roulette odds show you exactly your chances of winning a bet.

The Best Roulette Odds Variant

The likelihood of winning was taken into consideration when creating the roulette wheel. Depending upon which of the two variants of the wheel you are using—a single zero wheel or a double zero wheel—your odds may vary. The odds for American and European roulette are somewhat distinct.

It has been shown that European roulette offers players higher odds. It is challenging to get through all of the possible outcomes in single-zero roulette with just one bet because there are so many distinct ones.

Although outside bets have greater odds and chances of winning, they pay out less than inside bets. Despite the bigger payouts, inside bets have substantially lower odds of winning.

While they are quite similar, European roulette offers the player slightly higher odds, so choose it over American roulette if you want to increase the likelihood of winning.

It is advisable to visit our tips about how to win at roulette to get valuable insights that could help you enhance your gameplay while playing roulette.

Outside and Inside Bets Odds and Payouts

The odds and returns for outside bets are among the best in roulette. Your chances of winning on a single zero wheel are nearly fifty percent, with the house edge accounting for one or two percentage points.

You can see how the outside bets appear on a single zero wheel for European roulette and a double zero wheel for American roulette in the tables below.

 Outside BetOdds in American RouletteOdds in European Roulette Payout
High or Low47.37%48.65%1:1
Odd or Even47.37%48.65%1:1
Red or Black47.37%48.65%1:1

As we’ve previously stated, inside bets have a much lower probability of winning than outside bets but much bigger returns. A single number or a small collection of numbers can be the subject of an inside bet.

You may arrange your numbers in a variety of forms, but every one of these bet types is dependent on where the numbers appear on the table.

You can see the odds and bets for the various inside bets you can place for the two distinct roulette games in the table below.

 Inside BetOdds in American RouletteOdds in European Roulette Payout
Double Street15.8%16.2%35:1

Choosing the Best One: European vs. American Roulette

Despite similarities, American and European roulette are two completely distinct games. The design of the roulette table will vary depending on the game variant. Always choose single-zero roulette wheels over double-zero ones.

The odds and payouts are influenced by the distinction between the two. The 38 pockets on an American roulette wheel are black and red and include the numbers 1 to 36. To accommodate a single zero (0) or double zero (00), there are two additional green pockets.

The 36 numbered pockets on the European Roulette wheel are red and black; however, there is just a single green pocket for the number zero.

It may appear small, but the variation in the house edge is quite critical to observe. When betting on certain numbers in American Roulette, the chances of winning are smaller. 1/38 against 1/37 for European roulette.

Even though American roulette has better chances, the payouts aren’t higher. In general, American roulette has a substantially bigger house edge (5.26%) than European roulette (2.7%).


We hope that this guide will make it easier for you to comprehend the bets, variants, odds, and payouts that we cover in this discussion. Most importantly, if you want to experience the finest online roulette game with the best odds and payouts, consider playing at the best online casino Singapore.

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