While there are plenty of casino games to try out there, all share the misconception of how you need to be an expert to enjoy a game. One example of a game that is often ignored due to how it is often thought to be complex is Baccarat.

Baccarat is a game that is commonly perceived to be complicated. While it’s quite the contrary especially when you realize how this game can simply be played by anyone with or without any casino experience.

Casino baccarat can indeed be intimidating at first but it doesn’t have to be. With today’s article, we’ll discuss the basics of Baccarat, its brief history, and sprinkled in with some helpful tips and tricks if you wanted to give this game a shot.

History of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games invented, dating back more than 500 years to medieval Italy in the 1400s. Felix Falguiere created the game and called it “baccara”. The word is from the Italian word that means “zero”.

He sees it fitting as all the tens and face cards were worth nothing or the said digit. Eventually, it was known and adopted across the world with its French spelling, “Baccarat”.

As it turns out, the game was based on an old legend of a woman who had to throw a nine-sided die and the result determines her fate.

Resulting in a 8 or a 9, she’ll be a priestess. Throwing 6 or 7 permits her to live but restricts her from taking part in any future religious events. Lastly, if she gets any number lower than 6, she’ll be banished to the sea and die from drowning.

Clearly the source of inspiration is gruesome but sure is an interesting tale to use for a game that is meant to bring the fun.

Equivalent to the old legend’s condition, getting a card of anything lower than 6 usually leaves baccarat players to a loss. It’s a good thing that no banishment is necessary.

The game was so popular that it reached the neighboring country of France. The game was adopted and was known as Chemin de Fer in French. It was a game loved by King Charles VIII that it became so widespread even with his aristocrats over the years.

It was also eventually caught in England, also bringing the game to a more mainstream audience with their creation of perhaps the world’s most famous fictional baccarat player, James Bond.

The Baccarat game that we now have today has evolved ever so slightly. Like any other game, it is to incorporate twists and revisions to allow for more fun and exciting play.

Cards used to be dealt with by four different dealers and each player can place bets against other players and the house, and they can also be the banker. Today, the game now only has one dealer and the house also serves as the banker.

This game remains one of the most popular casino games even on the webspace. Playing baccarat online allows for a casino experience at your convenience. Live baccarat is even popular amongst players who want to play in real-time and go against other players worldwide.

How to play baccarat

Before concluding how complex this game can be at first glance, you have to realize that you have to try it and see for yourself.

If you’re still skeptical but at least still interested, here’s our quick how-to guide. Wanting to learn how to win baccarat means wanting to learn the basics. We’ll try to simplify the game’s mechanics, rules, and objectives as much as possible. The following is applicable for both online baccarat, real and land-based casino baccarat

To start things off, you need to know that there are three possible outcomes in this game: the player winning, the banker/dealer winning, or a tie.

Players would simply have to place bets on either these three possible results. The hand that gets the closest to 9 wins the game. This means, if you placed your bets on the player’s hand and it resulted as the hand is closest to 9, you win and your bet is doubled.

Placing your bet on the dealer lets you with 95% of your wager if it wins.

Lastly, is for you to match the banker’s hand which obviously has a low percentage of happening but in return, gives you the highest payout.

Two face-up cards are given to each player including the banker. You need to add the total value of the two cards to get your score or value.

When doing this, you just have to remember that all the face cards (Jack, King, and Queen) and including 10 are considered zero in value. Ace cards are equivalent to 1. And finally, cards 2-9 are their values.

If the total resulted in a two-digit sum, the second or last digit is your value.

Now, this is the part where the game mostly throws people off: drawing additional cards.

If the player or banker’s first two cards have a total of 8 or 9, it stands. Meaning, no further action as either one of them can win without needing to draw another card. If this was the case, it can only be a tie, or one can win against the other.

If the player or banker gets 6 or 7, still no further action. However, If the player’s total is 5 or less, a third card is automatically given to them. If the player has 6 or 7 while the banker has 5 or less, another card is drawn for the banker.

The baccarat game ends after comparing all the cards and the dealer makes the payments. The same cycle continues for a new game.

Tips on how to win baccarat

Now that you have learned the basics; in the simplest way possible; it sure sounds like that you are eager to know more about how to play this game more effectively.

Worry not because we’ve got you covered. In no particular order, we have gathered all the nifty tricks you can apply to your next Baccarat game!

Always stick to the player hand

If you have understood the basics of the game, as a beginner you might think that the best way for an easy-win is to place your bets on both the player and banker’s hand at the same time. While it’s not going to cost you much harm, sticking to a single hand would do you good.

Avoid betting on ties

Winning the tie bet sure is tempting simply because of how ridiculous the amount of payout you can get. Unfortunately, your chances of achieving this are very minimal and highly unlikely. Most players, even the veterans, rarely place their bets on ties.

Plan your budget

As silly as it may sound, you need to manage and know how much money you can afford to lose. At the end of the day, gamblers play to win and earn money, not to lose money.

Start with small bets

Relative to the budget that needs to be observed, one very efficient way to play is to be able to save money, too! Spending so little as much as possible will do you a lot of favor in the long run.

Check for offers

There are no shortages of promotions and deals on every single casino site you’ll find on the internet. It may come to you like a challenge but finding the best offers amongst hundreds of best online casino Singapore sites will be beneficial. If you’re lucky, you may even find websites that can offer a free baccarat game.