Celebrating Women in Local Football

Football has long been viewed as a sport dominated by men, as the years progress a lot has changed and since then the sport is open to all genders and sexual orientations. The stigma of sports being exclusive only for men has long been fading and now we are ushering in a new era of universal acceptance and celebration of humanity.

Singapore has been one of the nations in Asia with strong national sports teams and is popular in football betting. Each national team in their respective sports has competed internationally and gained awards and recognitions for the country that are immeasurable. 

Today, in the celebration of International Women’s Day, we will feature some of the important women in the Singaporean football scene.

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Yeong Sheau Shyan

“I hope that there will be progress towards gender equality. Having more women in leadership roles, giving them more support, and empowering them to make the right decisions for women’s football development in Singapore,” Yeong said in an interview.

Previously a PE teacher, Yeong is now Singapore’s leading female football coach and has trained the women’s national football team. The team is also a staple in online sports betting.

Siti Rosnani

“The effort will never betray us. And we need to remember that wherever life takes us, we got this!” – Siti Rosnani

Rosnani is a member of the national team of Singapore who is based overseas. She is continually advocating for integrating women’s football in schools.

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Abirami Naidu

“My hope for women’s football in Singapore is to see more women getting involved in various aspects of the footballing landscape; whether it is playing, refereeing, or even in football management or administration, “ said Naidu.

Abirami Naidu is the first woman referee in the FIFA World cup tournament, the most prestigious competition in sports betting. The Football Association of Singapore has sent her to be a referee in the 2012 FIFA World Cup

Soccer Girl Goals

Soccer Girl Goals consists of sister duo Stefanie and Jing Wen who started a project of writing articles promoting women’s football and collaborating with brands supporting the cause as well. 

Charmaine Lim

“Needless to say, there needs to be a strong direction and a lot of hard work put into achieving this. An increase in the local talent pool at the grassroots level and quality of coaching at schools and clubs will allow for stronger leagues wherein positive competition encourages the drive to improve, which can subsequently help boost the caliber of the national team. It is a long shot and it may take more than a few years, but a long shot doesn’t mean it is impossible, “ Lim said.

Lim is a midfielder and has played for the Singaporean football national team in the AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifying.

Maslinda Sabtu

“Football has also helped close the gender inequality gap, as we have come a long way from the time where it was seen solely as a men’s sport. That social stigma has since eased and women are now a lot more empowered to take up this sport.

I hope to see more women participating and showing continual support for women’s football as this is a critical component in providing opportunities for the next generation,” said Sabtu.

Maslinda Sabtu is currently an educator in the Singaporean Ministry of Education.

Lok Kheng Ling

“We also hope that our women’s national team will eventually be funded and given similar priority as the men’s national team,” According to Lok Kheng Ling and Lim Swee Hock, parents of Women’s National Team player, Lim Li Xian.

Nurul Lisa Binte Mohammad Syahrin

Women’s football taught me to be resilient and to always believe in myself. That is certainly not possible without the guidance of the individuals I’ve met along the way. With that, I hope to see more girls being empowered whilst adopting a positive mindset as it is critical for their growth. I believe that football will guide these girls like how it did with me, and I am very grateful for that,” said Syahrin. 

Syahrin is currently an athlete for SportCares SNL District West, and also an advocate of football for youths. For football betting fans, sg88win is a leading sportsbook that offers sleek bonuses and promotions for your betting desires.

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