There is no doubt that fish shooting games are one of the hottest arcade games in online casinos nowadays. People who love to fish or simply just love sea creatures will fall in love with these games. Well, even non-fish lovers will also fall in love with gamblers who want to try something new. It is also one of the generous games in the industry because if you know how to do it right, it will surely pay you a lot. Aside from its entertaining quality, it is also something that can give you a lot more than just money.

But what are you really looking forward to this kind of game? The thing that you can expect from a fishing game is that it is more likely more fun to play than slot machines. You are like playing video games instead of gambling because your shooting skills will be put to the test. It requires a lot of skills, focus, and a few tactics.

There are also other varieties of this game where it’s not fish that you are shooting. The fishes in some different games are animals, monsters, and different living creatures that can be shot. Except for humans, of course, that will be barbaric.

Nevertheless, shooting games is one of the crazes in online casinos that’s why we are going to talk about it today.

History of fish hunt

Everything was created out of something and an idea. Everything that we enjoy today has its root, where was it based or where it came from. The fishing game that we enjoy whether in land-based casinos or online casinos is not always the fishing game that we know and love today.

The early fishing games were set up in a market entertainment section where it was a bit bulky and easily noticed. The main purpose of this game is for the other people waiting in the supermarket to have something to play around so they will not get bored.

Soon, these games were present in some of the amusement parks in the malls or some arcade parks for teens and kids. Have you watched the toy story one? Pizza planet? That’s where fishing games can be found. Take note that’s just a reference there’s no actual pizza planet available.

Recently, some people in the gaming industry saw the potential of this game. So they develop gameplay where players can win money while they play at the same time. So they tested it in land-based casinos and it was a hit. The people who like them are the majority of people who are playing slot machines. Soon, online casinos have it on their website too. You can either sign up and play with a bet or you can just try their fishing games free. Yes, free some of the bookies to do that for the players to be able to test their product as a marketing strategy but both can benefit from it.

How to play fish game

Before we discuss how the fishing game is played, let’s first talk about where you can play fish games.

There are two ways where you can play fishing. Land-based casinos and trusted online casino Singapore sites. However, you can play it in some amusement parks but it won’t give you any money in return.

In land-based casinos, all you have to do is buy a coin or chips in some instances then insert the coins in the coin slot. Once you have dropped your coins in the slot, you can now begin fishing.

But if you want to play it online casinos, these are the steps that you have to follow.

  1. If you are going to use a PC the first thing that you need to do is sign up in an online casino and play fishing by clicking the fishing category.
  2. If you are going to use a phone or tablet, after you sign up you have to download the online casino application to play fishing directly.
  3. After that, you have to deposit money into your account so you can play. Take note that the ammunition that you are going to use is the deposit that you have put into your account.
  4. Start shooting the fishes.


The mechanics of the game are simple, try to kill or catch the sea creatures that are swimming on the screen. Each of those creatures has a corresponding amount in them. Small fishes are easily killed but they have a low payout amount, the bigger fishes, on the other hand, are hard to kill but they have a large amount of payout in them. Basically you winning will be determined on how good your shooting skills are.

Tips on how to win

Fishing game is a simple game, that’s why having a strategy is an advantage. However you increase your success rate if you apply some of these tactics.

If you are going to play fishing games you have to start by practicing how to shoot. The only platform that you can do this is through free fishing games. Offered by an online bookie.

Another thing that you have to take note of is a plan and set up a budget. Just like slot machines, fishing games can be quite addicting and if you play it on a night where you’re out of money it will be very lonely and disappointing for your part.

Time to try it yourselves

Fishing is a very fun and entertaining game. And it is recommendable amongst every bettor around. But if you’re new to this game, try big fish games free in some online casinos or bookies. Shooting fish or other sea creatures can be quite exciting especially if you will gain something in it for you.