How American Football Got Started

American football has a rich history that thrives until today, and the annual event of the sport is still considered as the most-watched in North America. American football has come a long way from its humble beginnings and ever since its establishment, it became a national phenomenon.

The annual event called the Super Bowl is a finals game of the NFL and it is considered the most-watched television event in the US. The spectators from all over America show support to their favorite teams and the fans on their television set can watch the whole game too.

American football is a sport that has a fair share of ups and downs and it took decades before it had a formal governing body that oversees the games between clubs. Before it became a professional sport it was a popular sport played in schools. 

Let’s dive into the rich history of American football and why it has a unique element than its European cousin who is popular in bookmakers.

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Origins of the Game

American football as we know it now was formerly known as ‘gridiron football’, it originated in the 19th century from British rugby and soccer and became popular in North American schools.

The early iteration of the game was brutal and chaotic and was considered the most physical game of all. The matches were so physical that there is no game without someone being injured. There were no standard rules back then and the rules were mix and match to accommodate the situation of the game.

The first American football match was in 1869, between the college teams Rutgers and Princeton. The game is very different from what we know of today in online sports betting, as they are not allowed to pick up the ball and instead only allowed to kick the ball.

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In the 1880s, a man named Walter Camp was credited to be the ‘Father of American football’. He was a Yale student and he revolutionized football that we recognized today. He established the American Intercollegiate Football Association and set standard rules on the game. 

In November 1892,  William ‘Pudge’ Heffelfinger was paid $500 for his game in the Allegheny Athletic Association. The event was considered the first time a player played American football professionally.

The earlier football game was still considered a brutal game due to some players fractured limbs, broken ribs, and recorded deaths. In 1905, President Roosevelt resolved this problem when he met with college representatives and standardized the safety precautions in the game and instructed the organizers to normalize the use of protective gears such as shoulder pads and helmets. 

The Rise of NFL

In the 1920s, the NFL or National Football League was born and it is the first official football league in the country. Many teams from local states were included in the league and they competed in many seasons. 

The NFL grew and expanded with additional teams on its roster and many teams were established. However, the reign of the NFL sought a threat in the form of a rival league called AFL. The AFL also became popular and cemented exclusive coverage deals with the TV network NBC and also popular in sports betting

The Merger and The First Super Bowl

In 1966, after a series of private meetings, the two rival leagues finally sat down on an agreement. The result of the meeting became a merger and the establishment of the single NFL. 

The result of the merger also established an annual event called the Super Bowl. The winners from each league will compete in the finals and it will be covered by the live media. 

Present Day

Today, American football has come a long way from a collegiate sport to a professional endeavor that we love to bet on in sg88win. The Super Bowl remains the most-watched sporting event in America and the Super Bowl halftime performances were always a media buzz.

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