The Messi vs Ronaldo Debate Is the Low-Point of Modern Football Conversation

he Messi-Ronaldo rivalry has been the biggest in the history of sports and sports betting. It is a long-standing rivalry between the fans of Argentine player Lionel Messi and Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo. Many fans, media outlets as well as sports enthusiasts in and outside football have engaged in an endless debate comparing which one of the two is better.

The rivalry even transcends beyond the field of football as both the players have been compared to each o’ther’s achievements outside football. Both the players are considered as the most celebrated athletes in football as well as sports in general. They are also the two of the highest-paid athletes in the world with combined earnings in salary, bonuses, and endorsements. 

Both players also have the largest fan bases in the world as well as having the largest subscribers in the leading social media platforms. They are also the ambassadors of two rival sportswear companies in the world, Adidas for Messi and Nike for Ronaldo. 

Let’s have a closer look at the hottest football rivalry in the world and in sg88win.

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The rivalry started in the 2007-08 UEFA Champions League semi-finals when the two players played against each other for the first time. At that time Manchester United and FC Barcelona pitted against each other with United winning the finals. Ronaldo eventually won the Ballon d’Or award and promised to continue to play to win again.

The 2009 UEFA Champions League Finals also became the battleground between the two teams and both Messi and Ronaldo were pitted against each other. The match was described as the most anticipated and hyped in the world of football and fans are clamoring.

From 2009 to 2018, both players have met at least twice in El Clasico matches. Until today, both players are considered rivals in football highlights.

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Both of the players have scored over 700 career goals in both club and nation representation. In the matches between the two, Messi has won 16 while Ronaldo won 11 matches. When it comes to the goal records, Messi has won 22 goals while Ronaldo has won 21 goals.

Both players have topped Forbes’ highest-paid athletes in the world, Messi earned $111 million while Ronaldo earned $108 million. Ronaldo is the most followed person on Facebook with 150 million followers, as well as on Instagram with 300 million followers and Twitter with 93 million followers. Messi is the fifth most followed person on Facebook with 103 million followers, 7th on Instagram with 220 million followers and Messi doesn’t have a Twitter account. 


Messi has won six FIFA Ballon d’Or awards and also six European Golden Shoe awards. Ronaldo has won five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards while he won four European Golden Shoe awards.

Both players have dominated the awards ceremonies and are also reigning top scorers in both clubs and nation matches. Messi has been an all-time scorer in La Liga while Ronaldo has dominated UEFA Champions League as a top-scorer. 

Relationship Between the Players

In a 2015 interview, Ronaldo said that he has a healthy competition with Lionel Messi and they sometimes push each other to win. Messi on the other hand denied the existence of rivalry and blamed the media for igniting the issue and coloring the healthy competition between them. 

Both players have visible tension on the field but outside football, both players are on good terms. When Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus, Messi said that he misses Ronaldo in the league. Although not close friends because they never played on the same team, Ronaldo invited Messi for a dinner whilst Messi replied that he is honored. 


Many sports analysts compared the two when it comes to their contrasting personalities claiming that Ronaldo is more of a confident and volatile character while Messi is more of a reserved and calm character.

When it comes to skills and technique, Messi has an inborn talent in football and played on autopilot whereas Ronaldo learned his skills through hard work.


In the end, what matters is that both players are on good terms and have healthy competition in field and online football betting. If not rivals and given a chance to be on the same team, the club against their team wouldn’t stand a chance.

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