Art of Setting Sports Betting Limits

A betting limit is the maximum amount that a sportsbook allows its bettors to wager on a given game or event.

If, for example, you attempted to wager $250 on a game where the book wasn’t comfortable taking bets over $200, you would likely receive some error message with the indication, “Limit: $200.’’

In sports betting, the bettor and the bookmaker are the primary players.

Bettors can link up with online betting sites they believe would help them win and achieve fun and enjoyment at the same time.

Sportsbooks try to maintain a good relationship with bettors.

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Gambling Hub

Amongst these bookmaker are found in Singapore, a favourite gambling hub among online sports enthusiasts.

Sports betting in Singapore is big business and bookmakers seek to maintain a good reputation for a sustained profitability target.

A good part in the bettor-sportsbook relationship is by way of well-defined limits,

Limits are lower (stricter) when lines are first released. That is because books have no baseline of which to judge whether their odds are correct.

Sportsbooks also have the ability to limit bet amounts for certain customers. If a bettor is winning too much, and especially so over a long period of time, that bettor might find him/herself facing a stricter limit than the average customer.

These limits are established before the first bet is ever made.

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Sportsbooks Set Limits

Management at any sportsbook has the right to offer any limits they believe are appropriate even if they are small or large.

Sportsbook uses information on winning bettors to improve their line and to allow them to gain more money as well as feel at ease in accepting bigger wagers on a given market.

Balance Between Sportsbook and Bettor

Depending on the sportsbook, you can get down thrice the bet amount if you know a certain supervisor is more likely to approve big bets. This, however, can lead to a lot of frustration from the bettor.

Bet-sizing is one of the most under-appreciated skills of a bettor, in terms of asking for an amount that is likely to be approved.

Request too little and you may miss out on possible profit. Request too much and you might panic the sportsbook manager into giving you a much smaller bet.

Most issues arise from bettors when they feel as if they are being taken advantage of or being treated unfairly by sportsbooks looking to exploit them.

Most sportsbooks tend to be even more hesitant to allow large wagers via apps for fear of multiple same wagers being placed simultaneously.

There are some sportsbooks that give a fair bet. These are typically the corporate sportsbooks who operate multiple books and no doubt have larger bet volumes. 

Bettor frustrations arise when sportsbooks do not have clearly-established limits and seem to be winging it, or establishing different limits.

Setting Limits

Setting limits is important so much so that a sportsbook has standard minimum limits that they are prepared to honour.

Sportsbooks need to offer the same standard limits to all players, regardless of skill.

Standard limit sheets must be given and offer those limits both over the counter and on proper apps.

Limits will always serve as a reflection of volume levels. The more liquidity in a given market, the larger limits will be able to take.

Not a Personal Thing

The more money is taken on a given event, the more accurate a representation of the true odds on the lines will be.

This connects to the belief that bets should not be taken personally.

Over the years, sportsbooks and the bettors have had a kind of us-versus-them mentality when in reality both can co-exist successfully. 

Financial Transaction

Wagering on a sporting event with a bookmaker is a financial transaction, meaning a price is offered by one party and the other party accepts.

Whether the book wins or the bettor wins, there should not be hard feelings. There should be a drive by each individual to get better so they are on the winning side of the wager the next time. 

A good sportsbook does not take things personally. They facilitate your bets, and decide limits based on numbers and probabilities and not based on what kind of mood is possessed on that day.

Bettors must support sportsbooks that run a fair book and take on all comers.

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