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Dragonboat Betting Sites In Singapore 2023

dragonboat betting singapore

Dragon boating is a popular sport that has its origins in Asia, with a particular market in Singapore. There are a lot of exciting competitions related to the rowing sport where teams have to reach the finish line to win the race.

You will learn in this brief gambling guide the various aspects of dragon boat sports betting. Remember, Singapore sports betting online platforms are a good place to find dragon boat betting services.

10 Best Dragonboat Betting Sites In Singapore

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What is the sport of dragon boat?

Dragon boating is a dynamic water sport that incorporates a huge boat being rowed by a team of rowers. A dragon boat rowers team is typically composed of 16 individuals who sit on two rows on a vessel that resembles a canoe and they have to paddle throughout 250 meters.

The sport has its origins in China and has expanded its popularity in the rest of the Asian region. This sports discipline is most prevalent in East and Southeast Asian countries. The name of the sport originated in the boat being used which resembles the fantastic dragon of Chinese myths. 

When you created a betting account on the Singapore sports betting online platform, you can now get started on your dragon boat betting. 

best online betting sites singapore


Dragon boat betting on Singapore

Casual bettors typically play for entertainment and choose luck-based games like slots and roulette. However, if you want to risk your wager to gain real-money rewards, you must choose sports betting. Real money betting involves staking huge real money wagers on the sportsbook which could also mean increasing your odds to win huge returns. 

To expand your odds of winning in dragon boat betting, you need to get acquainted with the various bonuses and promotions that are being presented on the platform. The quality of the rewards that you could get on the site is depending on the Singapore betting site that you will choose. These offers are created to improve your gaming experience.

Wagering strategies for dragon boat

Like other sports that you will find on the Singapore sports betting online platform, you can utilize existing strategies to improve your odds. These strategies are tried and tested so you can trust them to develop your gaming skills.

Dragon boating is a highly competitive water sport but it is also pretty competitive for sports bettors as well. This is why you also need to employ strategies to get ahead of the betting game.

One of the effective sports betting tips that you can employ to improve your odds is by checking the weather for disturbances and conditions which could disrupt the quality of the race. Some boats are not good for bad weather conditions, so it depends on the boating sport you are betting on. Just know that some teams were not able to perform effectively when the weather condition is not optimum. 

Another effective tip to boost your winning odds on dragon boating is to analyze the record of the rowing team that you're banking on. You need to realize that sometimes rowing teams undergo a losing streak and do not perform well on dragon boat races that are ending up in a bad racing season. However, some do perform well so the key is to familiarize yourself with the team.

Like in other sports, you will also improve your betting by managing your bankroll. Managing your bankroll could prolong your betting sessions because it does not allow you to spend more than you can afford to lose. 

Also, you need to avoid parlay betting at all costs. Although this alluring type of bet could offer lucrative returns more than your typical betting sessions. This type of wager is pretty dangerous and hard to pull off because one losing selection could bring down the whole bet.

Finally, your success in dragon boat betting is depending on the quality of the betting odds that you will choose. You need to analyze the odds on the platform by comparing them on betting portals.


Dragon boating is less popular than football and basketball but it is still offering lucrative odds for punters. We guarantee that the above aforementioned information could be used to amplify your odds of winning. Get started on dragon boat betting and reap the benefits of the top betting sites Singapore platform.