Expand Your Craps Horizon: Discover These Multiple Craps Variations

Why limit yourself to just one version of crap when there are so many? This interesting dice game is renowned by colleagues, and there is a wide selection of this game at a trusted online casino Singapore.

Why limit yourself to just one version of crap when there are so many? This interesting dice game is renowned by colleagues, and there is a wide selection of this game at a trusted online casino Singapore.

You can participate in it live, alongside other players, and with a real presenter introducing the game who throws the dice with an automated hand!

Craps has become a casino fan favorite since it was first assumed to originate from Europe and then made the journey down to New Orleans in the nineteenth century. Craps may also be played online these days. It’s a thrilling, fast-paced match, and you can even adopt a plan to improve your chances of winning.

By reading our craps variations guide, you will not just learn about the many versions on hand but also the main facts and regulations, allowing you to choose which variant is the best for you.

Crapless Craps

In crapless craps, the values of 2, 3, 11, and 12 are considered point numbers, which are normally 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, so that a sum of 11 cannot be won. The guidelines for crapless crap are identical to those for traditional crap, except that any totals other than 7 counts as points.

Therefore, regardless of the result of the dice roll, you must get an additional point for victory before a 7 is thrown. There is virtually no “crapping out” in this variant.

Remember that don’t pass the line and don’t come bets are not offered in crapless craps. When compared to other craps variations, this variant has a 5.38% house edge, which is less favorable to you than ordinary pass-line bets (1.41%). However, making a 1x free odds bet behind the numbers 2, 3, and 12 can lower this percentage to 2.94%.

Simplified Craps

This craps variant, as its title implies, is a reduced version of the traditional game. You’ll continue to play at a standard craps table, and you’ll be successful or unsuccessful based on the outcome of a single roll. The key distinction is that you cannot place any pass or don’t pass line bets.

In simplified craps, the rewards range from 1:1 to 5:1. The best earning digit is 12, which pays 5:1, while the next highest paying number is 2, which pays 3:1. The payoff is 2:1 when you throw a 10 or 11, while the poorest dice roll is a 3 or 4, granting you craps odds of 1:1. If the total tossed is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, you are going to lose the wager.

The house edge in this variant is 2.8%.

High-Point Craps

High-point craps is one of the most exciting online craps varieties since it differs just a little from the normal version and is simple to learn. If you throw a 2 or 3, your roll is entirely disregarded. You’d have to keep throwing until another total was reached.

However, a roll of 11 or 12 results in a victory and pays out at equal craps odds (1:1). Any other sum becomes irrelevant. If you roll once more, you must toss a total above the value of the point to win. The house advantage in this type of craps is 2.35%, which stays higher than in traditional craps, but you are not penalized on a roll of 2 or 3.

Diceless Craps 

It differs from other versions of online craps in that no dice are used! Rather, you compete with a deck of cards that is divided into two separate sets of 44 decks and only contains the aces through the sixes. A roll of the dice is represented by drawing a card from each group.

This method keeps things unpredictable and offers you an advantage because there are only so many combinations you can make.

Die Rich Craps

Unlike other craps games, the shooter in Die Rich Craps can only roll a single die. To begin, you need to place a bet on the pass line. The die will be thrown after that. If you land a 6, you win immediately, but if you roll a 1, you lose.

If you hit any of the following numbers: 2, 3, 4, or 5, you are going to get a point. In this case, you’ll be given three further chances to roll the dice and reach the point number. If you win, you will restart and throw the dice again; if you fail, it becomes the turn of the next shooter. Particularly, the house edge in Die Rich Craps is approximately 3.7%.

New York Craps

New York craps is a basic online craps game in which you place on box numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 for a chance to win. The basic rules are the same as when playing regular craps. When performing this variant, you must keep in mind the special regulations and a different table arrangement.

When you play, there is no come or don’t come betting portion, and you are also unable to place bets. You have dealers on both sides of the table, plus a stickman in the middle and a watchman monitoring the game.

New York craps feature a greater house edge since casinos impose a 5% fee on each successful bet.

Bank Craps 

Referred to as Las Vegas craps, all of your bets are put over the house at the craps board, which has a certain configuration. You may show your stake before any roll by placing chips on the area of the layout you wish to bet on.

Bank craps offer two betting options: you may choose to back or bet against the shooter. The basics are identical if you play as the shooter. When you back, you wager in the part labeled: does pass, line, or win? If you make a wager on the shooter, you place your bet in the don’t pass box. The house edge is often favorable, averaging 1.4%.

Key Takeaways: Multiple Craps Variants

All craps games share a common foundation: the number rolled by the shooter determines whether the players win or lose bets. The result of a dice throw is either ‘natural’, ‘craps’, or ‘point’.

In online craps games that use both cards and dice, a 1-1 pair and a 6-6 pair would pay you 500:1. You can also make free odds bets on pass, don’t pass, and don’t come bets to boost your earnings. There are various types of craps tables, each with its complexity.

With many different types of craps tables available, some are more straightforward to understand than others. If you’re new to craps, opt for a simplified craps variant.

Before you start rolling the dice, take a moment to sharpen your skills with our craps tips and strategy guide.

Roll to Win in Craps

Overall, it is entirely dependent on the specific kind of game you are searching for. Any game will do if you only intend to have fun. If you love being part of a crowd, consider playing at an actual casino.

If you want to make any money, you must first discover the ideal casino or online game.

In any instance, it is up to the player and the casino rather than the variant. Consider the fundamental distinctions between every craps variant and choose the one that appeals to you the most. 

Before you dive into the exciting world of craps, it’s important to select a trusted online casino Singapore that offers multiple craps variations that suit your preferences.

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