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There are hundreds of things to enjoy over the internet. Back in the day, the only means of communication is through snail mail or a phone call. Today, we have video call services to thank for.

Entertainment-wise, the gambling industry keeps pushing itself towards new ways to enjoy sports betting and casino games. When they took the step to bring casino online, live casinos are the most sensible thing to do.

What is a live casino?

Live casinos are simply what they sound like. If you have seen a game show on TV, it’s pretty much the same.

The main thing is, you play right in front of your screen and the “show” runs in real-time. The game involves nothing but casino games.

Many casino owners have invested a lot in bringing their business one way or the other to the webspace. This isn’t just because it is what’s trendy but to rather meet the demand and take advantage of the ever-growing rise of the internet.

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Through live casinos, you can enjoy all your favorite games that are traditionally limited to be played in an actual casino location on your device that is internet capable. Games like poker, roulette, sic bo, and blackjack is made even more accessible to anyone.

It is interactive and effectively simulates the feeling of being on an actual casino even if you are in your pajamas. One can feel very comfortable enjoying rounds of table games without leaving your bed ever again.

Pros of live casinos

By its definition, it is clear that live casinos offer nothing but convenience. Playing casino games wherever you are at your most convenient time is truly a miracle. To play free casino games is also common nowadays.

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of live casinos. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar casino, playing them live and online gives so many benefits especially if we’re talking about efficiency.

You spend less time over things like taking a drive or commute, waiting In line at the parking and waiting again in line to enter the casino. You not only save time but also effort, too. With live casinos, you can sit back and relax without worrying about all that hassle.

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Some players also take advantage of live casinos because they prefer playing in private. Not much talking is needed unless you need to raise a question or an inquiry to the dealer. In which, you can do so by sending in a private message through a live chat.

Additional benefits allow players to simultaneously switch between different games if they like. For example, going from poker to a game of sic bo only requires few clicks.

Another thing that makes live casino even more accessible is the fact that some platforms enable you to play their live casino games on your smart devices like phones and tablets. Who would have thought that going for a stroll in the park and playing poker can be done at the same time?

The technology behind live casinos

Apart from technology, the magic lies behind the people working together in making this “show” possible. If you think that live casinos operate in a manner that can be accomplished in a click of a button similar to how people create live streams on Facebook, then you are wrong.

To operate one, several things are needed. The live casino requires equipment, facilities, expert dealers, operators, and even more people. Lacking any of these components can greatly affect the experience of the players.

People alone need to be a handful as there are quite a few that need supervision. They need to attend to their respective tasks to ensure that everything would run smoothly. We’re going to get through each.

Cameramen for instance is of great importance. Running a live casino obviously requires the need for a camera. However, it should be noted that it must not be your typical camera as it needs to be in high definition.

Think of cameras as the players’ eyes to the game. This also means that you need a bunch of them. This is to allow players to have control over which camera angle they would prefer when playing a game of poker online for instance.

Another important component of a live casino is the Game Control Unit or GCU. It is where a specialist assists a dealer during the game.

In most cases, there is also a dedicated support people who address inquiries and questions of the players. These people interact with the players so the dealers can focus on attending the game with undivided attention.

The dealer needs to be knowledgeable and professional. Meaning, it is expected that they are an expert in a game of baccarat and pretty much all the other games. People with very pleasing personalities are also common across live dealers to make players feel welcome and comfortable.

Lastly, the facilities including other pieces of equipment such as tables, decks of cards, wheels, and boards should be of quality. People usually go for the state-of-the-art-looking ones but you’ll often find studios that operate using green screens and CGIs.

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