Poker Table Positions and Strategies

In this post, we will break down all of the poker table positions and explain why they are so crucial in poker.

Once you study poker rules and hand rankings, you need to understand poker positions. This is for a valid reason: without a grasp of how poker positions work, it is hard to discuss other poker topics.

The position is so significant in Texas Hold’em that participants debate it before exposing their cards when analyzing individual hands and making decisions based on it while playing.

In this post, we will break down all of the poker table positions and explain why they are so crucial in poker.

TopBettingSiteSG is here to help you understand the subtleties of casino games. We are beyond listing, reviewing, and contrasting. Our objective is to educate the players on what they need to be aware of before visiting the top online casino Singapore sites. 

What are Poker Positions? 

Aside from hand rankings and bet sizes, poker demands a thorough comprehension of play from various positions. This article will explain each position at a poker table and how to play the game like an experienced player.

Beyond hand rankings and betting strategies, you must also learn the ranges and the value of your holding relative to where you’re at the table. In a nutshell, performing a specific motion in one seat may be right but erroneous in another. 

To give an example, if you’re the last player to take action in a hand (i.e., you have “position”), raising may be a smart decision. However, if you happen to be the second to take action and have two players behind you, raising may be an awful decision.

Poker Table Positions (9-Handed)

When compared to 6-handed games, 9-handed poker adds three more positions, which affects both pre-flop and post-flop strategies.

Early Position
Under the GunUTGThe UTG is the weakest preflop position since the player gets the least knowledge of everyone else at the table. In most circumstances, he is only able to determine what he should do with his hand depending on the power of his cards.
Under the Gun +1UTG +1The UTG+1 isn’t more advantageous than the first position at the entire table because you are only able to witness one player act before you and still have seven opponents waiting for your turn.
Under the Gun +2UTG + 2The UTG+2, together with the two previous positions, are regarded as early situations at the 9-handed table and the most difficult to play before the flip. These players have less information about other players’ preflop and do not end up in the greatest position following the flop. 
Middle Position
LowjackLJThe Lowjack at a 9-max poker game is virtually the same as the UTG in 6-handed poker, as there is the same number of players remaining to act behind.
HijackHJThe Hijack is somewhat superior since the player in this position may observe what earlier position players do before making judgments. Additionally, he has fewer opponents seated behind him, allowing him to gradually include more off-suit hands with blocks into his starting range.
Late Position
CutoffCOSince only one person is remaining in the IP after you, you may start grabbing blinds with greater force. If you have the BTN to fold, you’ll be in position against the blinds the whole hand and have control over the play.
Button (Dealer)BTNThe BTN is the most advantageous seat at the poker table. Not only does the player in this spot have the opportunity to watch what the first three positions perform and change his play appropriately, but he also has the advantage of being the last person to act on each street following the flop.
Blinds Position
Small BlindSBThe SB may have the advantage of seeing what other players do before him, but this cannot make up for the fact that he is going to be the first player to make a move on each street following the flip and will not even interrupt the action because there is still BB to make a move.
Big BlindBBThe fact that he needs to put all of his money in before seeing the cards, as well as the reality that he will be the second player to act on each street following the flop, puts the BB in the lowest possible spot at the table. 

Poker Table Positions (6-Handed)

6-max poker positions are identical to their 9-handed equivalents. The main distinction is that some seats have more impact since there are fewer participants at the table. Because it’s all about knowledge and the quantity of individuals who will act once you’ve formed a decision.

If there are fewer participants, there are fewer things that can happen once you’ve taken action. That is, you may play certain poker seat positions with greater skill in a 6-max game compared to a 9-handed table. 

  • Under the Gun (UTG) – Early
  • Hijack (HJ) – Middle
  • Cutoff (CO) – Late
  • Button (BTN) – Late
  • Small Blinds (SB) – Blinds
  • Big Blinds (BB) – Blinds

The Best Strategies for Each Position

In poker, table position is quite important! The knowledge you have, your amount of control over the situation, and hence your entire strategy are determined by where you are in the hand.

If you’re new to poker, you should first learn the basic strategies and skills for poker players before reading this article. Without further delay, let’s get into the important strategy for every stage of the game.


Whenever you’re under the gun or close, it’s crucial to use a tight plan. This entails playing a certain set of hands and only joining the pot if you feel you have an edge. This is because you must act first, and playing out-of-position poker places you at lower odds because you have less information to make judgments on.


Creating a mid-position range is difficult. Competing from earlier positions with 8–6 is a simple fold, along with the button you’re able to raise. At the same time, from the middle position, it is less clear.

You must have a semi-tight range tempered with some suitable connectors and weaker aces if table mechanics allow. Alternatively, you may need to make adjustments.


Playing from this position is the most enjoyable since you may bet, call, and raise a much larger number of hands. You will have an edge during the hand, giving you more information to rely upon. In broad terms, if you’re near or in the dealer’s position, you should be ready for more hands.

Know Where You Seat and Win the Game with TopBettingSiteSG

Ultimately, poker positions determine the amount of knowledge you can gather, your control over the pot, and, in turn, how overall plans are carried out. No matter what your position at the table, your goal to win that pot is always possible with the top Singapore online casino sites on TopBettingSiteSG.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most frequently asked questions about this matter will be answered in the website’s FAQ section. Since many players use specific search keywords to get answers and ideas, this section of the website delivers valuable and concise answers.

What is the less advantageous poker position?

The worst table position at a poker table happens when you’re the first to take action. This is the player immediately to the right from the big blind pre-flop. The player closest to the left side of the button wins the post-flop.

Why is poker position important?

Since it helps you to learn from your opponents. Poker is an exhibition of faulty information. As a result, the more information you have, the easier it will be to come to a decision.

What is the most advantageous seat at the poker table?

The most favorable position at the poker table is the button, frequently referred to as the dealer. This position allows you to act final post-flop and so gather all of the information available throughout the hand.

What is the difference between six-handed and nine-handed poker?

The difference is how many opponents you face and the additional positions added in 9-handed poker. With that consideration, the number will, in reality, determine how you approach it. The more players on the table, the more powerful cards you will need on average to keep playing successfully.

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