Roulette is among the most popular casino games that have ever been invented. It remains as one of the most iconic games in the gambling history and pretty much every casino; whether it’d be land-based casinos or online casinos; has this game rolling for years already.

Unlike any other casino games, roulette allows even new players to experience the joy that a casino game offers. Roulette is more of a game of chance and not much expertise is necessary just so you can enjoy this game.

Regardless if you are inexperienced, it is also possible to jump immediately into play while also having the know-how of this game. Luckily, we have you covered. We’ll discuss how to play roulette, as well as its brief history and origins.

History of Roulette

There isn’t solid evidence where Roulette originated or invented making it a game covered in mystery. Before there were roulettes online, let’s take a step back and discover where it all started.

What many people believe is that this game was devised by a famous French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal. It is thought that he came with the idea while doing his craft of a perpetual motion machine around the 17th century.

The problem with this is that many other old civilizations played games very similar to roulette. In today’s quick history lesson, let’s hop into our time machine and take a look back on the rich history of the game that is prominent in the modern days of gambling.

One of the most popular theories other than of which involves Pascal, is that the game is heavily based on an early board game of Chinese people. The board game has animal figurines, 37 of which needed to be arranged into a magic square with numbers that when summed up, would be for a total of 666.

When this game was brought over to Europe, it was allegedly altered to have a circle shape look instead of a square and a slot for the number zero was also added. Although when compared to the earliest French roulette, it is lacking the double zero slot which makes this theory fall flat.

Moving to ancient Rome, it is only common for soldiers to have fun as much as they can when not on the battlefield. It is said that they make use of their time with interesting games that they come up with using pretty much anything that can be found around them.

For instance, a game that makes use of a chariot wheel was believed to become an inspiration for the game roulette. Another common object they have at their disposal is their shields. They would spin the shield and anticipate which symbol would touch the arrow next to it.

Like the theory involving the Chinese board game, the Romans and pretty much other civilizations that have similarities are either coincidence or are lacking solid pieces of evidence to prove where roulette originally was invented.

Quick fact: Roulette is based on a French word which means “small wheel”. With this in mind, this must only mean that the game is actually a French game after all. Not entirely but the majority believe that this is the actual case.

Despite gambling being illegal at the time, it did not stop Pascal from taking his own spin-off two other popular games combined – the “Even-Odd” and “Roly Poly”.

Today’s modern roulette has 1 to 36 numbers, with one zero and one double zero slots and has a striking color of red and black. As the game was being adopted across other regions, slight changes and additions are simply inevitable.

At this modern day and age, it continues to be popular across veterans and rookies alike. There’s even a huge demand and market now for a game of roulette live online.

How to play roulette

The thing to love about Roulette is how simple the game is. Pretty much anyone can immediately jump straight into playing as the table, wheel, and rules are very easy to understand. Before asking yourself how to win at roulette, you’d rather ask how it is played first.

To sum everything up, there are only 4 simple steps in playing this game. With our quick guide, you’ll be a pro roulette player in no time.

1. Place your bet

Players need to select a chip size and place them on the table. Here’s the list of bet types or combinations you can choose to go with:

Straight Up – a single number

Split – 2 different numbers

Street – 3 numbers in a row

Corners – 4 numbers

Basket – 1, 2, 3, and both zeros

Line – 6 numbers in 2 rows

Column – 12 numbers in a column

Dozen – 12 numbers

Low number – any from 1-18

High number – any from 19-36

Red/Black – either of the two colors

2. The dealer spins the wheel

After placing your bets on the table, the dealer will then proceed to spin the roulette wheel. The ball will eventually drop in a pocket.

3. Check the outcome

When the wheel comes to a stop, the ball will settle in a pocket. Identify the number or the color pocket and when you get a match, then you win.

4. Collect your payout

If you manage to predict the correct pocket, the dealer will issue your winnings. Now please note that the total payout will depend on the type of bet and the amount of bet that you have placed.

Tips on how to win

Part of the enjoyment that any casino games can bring is winning. It is fulfilling and triumphant.

Winning in a game of roulette isn’t daunting at all. This is why this is the type of casino game that does not require years of experience to guarantee a win.

Here’s our quick list of tips, tricks and roulette strategies to help you win on your next game.

Pay attention to pay tables

As we’ve discussed in our swift history lesson earlier, there are few variations of roulettes all over the world. Knowing what kind of roulette table you are playing at can either give you a winning advantage or a disadvantage. A quick example is the differences between the American roulette over the European roulette.

Know your odds

This can be a bit tricky. The highest payouts are obviously achieved when placing your bet on zero, double zeros, and any single number. However, you always have to keep in mind that the odds of winning these pockets are very slim, at a 37:1 ratio. On the other hand, placing your bets on odd/even or red/black has the highest odd but gives the lowest payouts.

Minimum and maximum bets

Depending on the casino, there is a minimum and maximum bet assigned for roulette. These actually vary across different sites so keep this also in mind.

Scout casinos

In line with the previous tip, finding the right casino should be one of your best interests. Check restrictions, terms, and conditions, including minimum and maximum bets. While doing so, it’s best to check all promotions and deals you can grab along the way. Looking for an online casino that offers a free roulette game may also be a good idea.

Keep practicing

Although right from the get-go that roulette is a game of chance, it’s still ideal to get the hang of playing this game. This helps your focus and it helps in easing your mind as you can easily remember all your odds by heart the more time and play you spend.