Sic Bo

The game sic bo is a game that has been popular since the early years of China. It is one of the early hobbies or pastimes of soldiers during the early wars. It is said that some of the Vikings and the pirates have acquired this game while voyaging the seas and that is the reason why sic bo was known and became famous in the continent of Asia and Europe, or so they say.

It is also known in different names such as tai sai, dai siu, hi-lo, and big and small. Basically, this game is also a game of chance like slot machines. It also has some alternation like poker, which is called Chuck-a-luck and Grand hazard.

This game is very popular because it appeared in many movies like the famous motion graphic pictures “The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” where the captain of the flying dutchman, Davy Jones and the rest of his crew gamble for years of servitude as a wager.

In casinos, sic bo is more known in the name casino dice game. Although not all casinos in Vegas give priority to this game, sic bo casino is popular in other casinos in Asia. It is also available in some online casinos under the category live casino or sometimes it has a separate tab so you can go directly to the game.

Where it all began

No one really knows where sic bo originated. However, the most common country where everyone says it began is in the land of China. It was said that the Chinese soldiers used sic bo as a way to forget about the wars that were enraging during that time. It is also said that gambling was one of the reasons why China has funded the creation of the great wall. Maybe Sic bo is one of the games that they used at that time.

It’s really hard to find out where it truly originated. But one thing is for sure, sic bo came from the continent of Asia and has become one of the best casino dice games in the world today.

The game that was popularized in Asia is slowly rising up to the top when it was introduced to the westerners in the 20th century. Due to the influence of Chinese people when they went over the United States of America. Because of this, almost all of the casinos in the west have casino dice games and is slowly reaching the level of table game favorites like blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

How to play it

If you go to the casino you will see all the gamblers playing in the slot machines area and in the tables of the card games. You will see the sic bo table always has Asian bettors instead of the westerners. The reason for this is because when you look at the sic bo casino table, it is very intimidating because others think that it is very complicated to play. Nobody would want to walk into a casino and bet in something that they do not know.

So if you want to learn how to play sic bo casino the best thing that you may want to do is play in sic bo casino dice game online. Some online gambling platforms have instructions on how to play and how to win sic bo in casinos. However, because of modernization and technology, you can always read some blogs that show you how to play it.

First, you need to understand the sic bo table. You will see that the sic bo table is divided into certain parts or betting areas to be particular. It can hold up to 50 wagers (individual) every round or every throw of the dice. Basically all you need to do is put a bet on the betting areas that has numbers and words which is very easy to understand. Then after the wagers are placed the dice will be rolled by the dealer or the player for some instance then you just have to wait on the number of the dice that will show. It’s just like roulette. The only difference is roulette uses a spinning wheel and ball. See it’s that easy.

Sic bo strategy

Although the game sic bo needs luck to win, just like in any game, there is always a strategy that will increase your chance of winning. Below you will see a few strategies that will help you how to win sic bo in casino.

  • Go for small and big bets – One strategy in betting in baccarat is going only for bets that have a low payout and low risk. The same goes for sic bo. Placing your bets purely on small and big bets will increase your winning rate by 3% even if the progress is slow. Just learn to resist playing on big wagers.
  • Resist temptation – as I have said in the first strategy bet only on those small and big bets. However, if you see someone who is playing with you on the same table win big because he hit the highest payout combination in the game, you feel a bit envious that will most likely cause you to bet on these wagers.
  • Play in an online casino – if you want for all your temptations to go away you might want to try playing online casinos instead. You will most likely be more focused on the small and big bets if you play sic bo online.

Find the best online sic bo

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Before we end this. Be sure to read carefully the sic bo strategy so you can win more in this game. Remember these sic bo tricks so you don’t end up the guy crying because you blew it in one shot. Be wise and bet smart.