Tips for Winning a Football Parlay

Parlay payouts can be determined using either preset odds or actual odds. Typically, parlays with the point spread and total picks employ fixed odds, which are only used when all selections in the parlay are at -110 odds.

Football betting is surrounded by myths of every stripe. To begin with, many people have the misconception that only fools play parlays. Many gamblers, including some quite astute ones, shun parlays like the plague on the mistaken belief that they are inherently terrible bets.

Although parlay bets are notoriously difficult to win, the vast majority of gamblers actually lose money on other bet markets, which are rarely spoken about in the same negative light.

What are football parlays?

A lot of people’s preconceived notions about parlays are unfounded. We’ll get into the more intricate details in a moment, but know that the core idea isn’t hard to grasp. Parlays are a special sort of wager in which many bets on different outcomes are combined into a single wager.

Simply put, a parlay bet is one that consists of two or more separate wagers. All of your picks must come true for you to win the bet, but if even one of them turns out to be wrong, you’ll lose the whole thing.

Parlays are, for obvious reasons, much more difficult to win than straight bets: in exchange for greater risk, parlay wagers typically offer better odds and larger returns.

Why bet on football parlays?

A wide assortment can be picked in parlays bets (making it one of the most versatile bets) and bets can be placed on totals, futures, props, money lines, or anything else. You could place a parlay that contained a pick against the spread and two totals bets, for example.

You may also make a parlay wager that combines three money line picks and two props. A practically infinite number of permutations exist.

Parlay payouts can be determined using either preset odds or actual odds. Typically, parlays with the point spread and total picks employ fixed odds, which are only used when all selections in the parlay are at -110 odds.

There is a direct correlation between the number of choices in a wager and the potential reward. Different Singapore online casino betting sites will provide different odds.

What to avoid when betting on football parlays?

However, one must take care not to move in the completely other direction. The potential rewards for taking more risks are enticing. Before placing a parlay wager, it is helpful to experiment with different odds combinations. New Singapore online sportsbook players can use one of the several available online parlay calculators for free.

As the number of selections in a parlay wager grows, the potential payout also grows exponentially. The aforementioned combination is quite unlikely to be successful, yet it pays out almost $1,500 on a little stake. Stick to more realistic bets rather than chasing after impossible wins.

Use this basic trick when betting on parlays

Suppose you’ve used an online parlay calculator to place a bet of 10 Singapore dollars, and you’ve entered four separate bets of +110. With a ten Singapore dollar wager, you may potentially win 195 Singapore dollars. The payout is already close to 215 SGD, but it increases to roughly 215 SGD if a safe -1000 wager is included.

Even though the potential payout from a parlay is high, the danger of losing everything is also high. Football’s low-scoring nature makes it prone to upsets and rapid reversals of fortune.

Be sure to conduct your homework and consult with Singapore online sportsbook specialists to increase your chances of a good victory turning into a great one.

Final thoughts

Examining the raw numbers can enable you to win more frequently than you lose and get deeper into the game. Football events from all over the world are now up for wagering, and the football parlay market offers some of the best potential payouts in the hands of skilled gamblers.

With your newfound knowledge of what is deemed by many as a complex betting market, now is the perfect time to try Football Parlays at Solarbet, the best Singapore online sportsbook!

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