Types of Sports Bets

Sports betting has been widely known since god knows when. It started in the early years and has been famous even in our generation today. It has come to the extent of technology where sports betting can be made online without fuss, without hassle.

Sports betting online is called a sports-book and it has different kinds of sports that are offered with different betting styles or categories. Today you will know what these sports are and the different betting categories that are offered in a sportsbook.

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What is a sportsbook

A sportsbook is part of an online gambling body, either if it is land-based casinos, local betting organizations or online casinos. It has been famous since the early years, especially in the European and western countries. Sports betting was illegal back then but when the government has seen its growth and market they legalized it with certain rules to follow. However, not all countries or local government units tolerate gambling in any form.

A sportsbook consists of different contact sports. But the early sportsbook came from horse racing.

Popular sports in sports betting varies in every country because not all countries have the same taste in every sport.

In the world of online gambling, there is a specific list of sports that people have been betting more all across the globe. The number one the list is football.

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Football or soccer is a famous game especially in the European countries. It then started spreading like wildfire in the neighboring continents such as the United States and Asia.

The second famous sport is American football. Football in Europe and in America are very different from each other. Euro football is played with a round ball that needs to be put through the opposing team’s goal guarded by a goalkeeper. In American football, the game is played with an oval-shaped ball. The goal of the game is to get through the end of the field while holding the ball.

The third is basketball. Basketball was made famous in the western countries but its influence has made almost all other countries play and represent it in national competitions such as FIBA and the Olympics.

Next on the list is tennis. Tennis is played in two ways either single or double. Where they used a racket to hit the ball back to their opponent’s side.

Other famous sports on the list are Cricket, Golf, Formula 1, and boxing.

Sports betting category

Aside from countless sports, there are also different types of betting. You can choose from these types on which style of betting is suited for you. We will try to explain each one for you so you may have a better understanding of every sportsbook in the online gambling industry.

Fixed odds – In fixed odds, you have to place your bet before the match. it is the simplest of all betting types. In this kind of betting the player just has to predict the outcome of the match. If you have guessed it right then you will have the corresponding payouts depending on how much you bet.

In-play/Live – This kind of betting is very similar to fixed odds. The only difference between the two is that In-play/live casino you can place your bet even if the match is not yet over.

Odd or Even – Odd or even is simply betting if the score of the two teams is either odd or even when you add the score of the two teams and whoever guesses if the total amount of score is odd or even, the coal  if the final score is summer the most

Over to you

The most important aspect of sports betting is that you have to study the game itself. Sports betting will become easier if you know how to play it right.

Make sure to check out the different websites that offer sportsbooks. Check out how each of them differs by reading our best online casino Singapore site reviews here.

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