Live Casino or Sports Betting, You Decide

Live casino and sports betting are two different types of gambling that are available on the same platform. There are debates about whether which is better. Some say Live casino and some say sports betting.

Regardless of what the others are saying this is the bread and butter of every online bookie. Both are beneficial because the numbers playing live casino and sports betting are almost identical. Although sports betting has the most number of bettors compared to casino table games.

Sports betting

In sports betting, you don’t deal with cards and chips. You deal with different odds and different game factors in a sport. Here you have to be knowledgeable in both the betting categories and the sports available (if you are going to bet in different sports). You have to be aware of the odds instead of card counting like in blackjack.

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There are different sports betting sites that are available online. There are some who focus only on football betting. It means the only sports category they offer is football rather than the other betting sites who have basketball, rugby, tennis, volleyball, and other sports. 

In this kind of gambling luck is not an option. Unless you decided to put your faith into it. As I said earlier if you have the knowledge in sports betting especially in the odds you will win. You have to do your homework. Learn the different factors and strategies. That’s the only you will conquer sports betting.

Live casino

Live casinos on the other hand is a way of gambling that uses different tools. The most common tool that is used in live casinos is cards. Cards are used in different table games. Blackjack, poker, and baccarat are among the popular casino games even in land-based casinos. Dice is another tool in live casinos. It is used in Sic bo which is very popular especially in Asian countries.

In live casinos you have to be skillful and lucky at the same time. You can use different strategies as a way to increase your winning chances but you also need to be lucky so that the next rounds or the next throw of the dice will go your way.

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The advantage of live casinos over sports betting is that the games happen on the spot. You don’t need to wait for a certain match so that you can place your bet. You just have to choose a table or in case of an online casino the right provider.

In online casino Singapore, baccarat is the most played table game in live casinos. While in online casino Thailand blackjack and sic bo are the most played games. Every country differs in taste because in Europe they prefer sports betting over live casino table games.

When to choose sports betting

Not all are fit in sports betting. If you have more knowledge in live casino you better stay in that field because it will benefit you more. But if you are knowledgeable in sports and how the odds work you better stick to this kind of betting.

However, you can always take baby steps and learn one at a time. But be sure to bet less if you are still in the learning process. You can also ask your friends who bet in sports betting. that way you will learn the process faster and more efficient.

When to choose live casino

There are some of us who grew in a family who plays cards as a pastime. Some of us even have our own customized table and chips so that even the family bonding can be more fun like playing in a land-based casino.

If you have more knowledge in this field you should stick with it. Master the craft and became one of the most known players of casino table games. If you know how to card count, this is really the best factor that you must choose to play live casino over sports betting. Imagine what you can conquer if you know how to beat blackjack. You could win millions. Although it is not that effective like in the early times because more decks are being used. But still, it is a skill to be reckoned with if you know how to do it right.

Can’t decide?

Well, both are a great pastime or platform to play because they are both entertaining. But if you are in doubt, you have to choose which one you are most capable of winning. Besides the goal here is for you to have fun and to win money. You can always try it both but you have to study otherwise you will lose more. But before you decide which is better, you must choose first the best online gambling site there is. Falling on a bad bookie means falling on both platforms, right?

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