Top 10 Moments in Football History

10. Euro 2004 Finals: Greece overcame Portugal

Greece has always had very little to brag about. However, in the Euro 2004 Finals, the country miraculously won against Portugal, bringing tears to the eyes of Ronaldo. They were most known for being one of the best underdogs in football history at the time. It was certainly impressive to see them dominating.

9. Ronaldinho applauded by Real Madrid fans

The Brazilian football player Ronaldinho has captured many fans and even online sports betting fans during his performance at the Bernabeu in 2005. It was nothing short of spectacular despite Messi gaining a massive live score. Bernabeu went wild after Ronaldinho after he scored their team’s third and final goal.

To most fans, his effort to dominate every area of the pitch was truly insane. The whole event was magical, truly a memorable one.

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8. Chipped penalty by Antonin Panenka

Ever heard of the Panenka Penalty? If you are hardcore into singapore football or have even tried sports betting on your own, chances are you probably know this already. But for those who didn’t, it was when Antonin Panenka had to kick the ball as hard as he could across the middle of the goal only to be chipped down very easily.

7. Champions League 2002: Zinedine Zidane

Zidane will definitely be remembered as that French player at Glasgow’s Hampden Park who made a spectacular goal, bringing the team to a spectacular Champions League final lead. That finish has most certainly established his skills as a football legend.

6. North Korea dumped Italy from the World Cup

The one thing that most people would remember about the World Cup in 1966 is North Korea’s domination against Italy. The whole match was nothing short of exhilarating as no one had expected such a remarkable play from a team who traveled miles away without a whimper of hope.

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5. Ryan Giggs massive play against Arsenal

In Giggs’ entire football career, perhaps there’s nothing more iconic than his outrageous match against Arsenal in the FA Cup. This man with curly locks has done something quite explosive, managing to tear down Arsenal’s defense apart, making it one of the most thrilling sights to behold in football history.

4. Lilian Thuram and the World Cup

Lilian Thuram is definitely a huge pride for France, having brought them to the World Cup with just two goals. His performance is most certainly the best that the French football team has managed to accomplish for a country that has since been underperforming for quite some time.

3. Liverpool’s comeback

Liverpool is no stranger to impressive plays, having countless memorable highlights that have surely resonated with many fans. But their remarkable comeback to secure victory at the Champions League is certainly the one that takes the cake. It was their fifth time winning the European league.

2. Sergio Aguero led Machester their first Premier League title

Sergio Aguero will most certainly be remembered for his last-minute victory in the 2011-2012 season. Aguero won the league with his out-of-this-world performance, bringing many Manchester fans wildly excited and joyful. Hearing the commentator and fans chant “Agueroooo screech” was immensely exhilarating.

1. Hand of God

For those who didn’t know the “Hand of God” moment took place at the World Cup in 1986 where Diego Maradona has made a legendary horde of nothing but constant goals. The football player earned the goal of the century and led Argentina to secure their second World Cup title.

It was most certainly incredible to see this in person as it has been one of the best split-second decisions ever made in the entire history of football.

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